Adventure Speech – For Students and Children In English

India is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for adventure sports in the world. Several people love to experience adventure sports as these sports are filled with excitement and fun. Several organizations run different types of competition and the winners get tour packages to adventure destinations as encouragement. You may become a part of such an organization in … Read more

Yoga Speech – For Students and Children In English

We all know that yoga has become a popular form of exercise these days. Almost everyone next to your door is practicing yoga and discussing its benefits. In fact, media is also widely covering yoga-based events or sessions to help enlighten its audience. Moreover, this has become a form of discipline and is being included … Read more

Women Empowerment Speech – For Students and Children In English

Women empowerment is a burning topic and always gives challenges to the students in many ways in their daily school life in the form of essay writing, debate or discussion. We have provided below a number of best speeches on Women Empowerment in India for the students. All the women empowerment speeches are written using … Read more

Welcome Speech – For Students and Children In English

Welcome speeches are meant for special occasions that begin with formal remarks such as conferences, lectures, conclaves, or celebrations. You have got to have your focus right whether you are delivering it to welcome an individual or group to a school, college, institution, government, private office, industry or any other working place. You need to … Read more

Welcome Speech for Seminar – For Students and Children In English

Seminars are organized in educational institutions and different organisations during which various issues of significance are hotly debated. In fact, free expression of views or the right to dissent is an integral part of democracy in India. Seminar delegates are required to deliver speeches in keeping with the respective occasion. Here we have provided you … Read more