Hostel life is considered the best part of a student’s life. Those who have experienced it swear by it and those who haven’t wish they could. Hostel life comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. Hostel life is full of friends, fun, and independence. It gives numerous memories to the students to cherish forever. A student who has experienced hostel life is better off at taking decisions and forming viewpoints about various things. With the independence and absence of a guardian, it needs strong determination to stick to your schedule of studies and other extracurricular activities.

Long and Short Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Essay 1 (250 words)


My father is in a transferable job and hence has to move to a new city every three years. This was impacting my studies as the study pattern and teaching methods differ from place to place. Just when I used to get accustomed to the teachers, students and the school environment after great difficulty, we got the news that we had to move to a different city. In order to overcome this problem, my parents decided to enroll me at a hostel.

Hostel Life Made Me Boldly and Confident

As I began my hostel life, I took a few weeks to set myself emotionally and adjust to the new environment just as every new student at the hostel does. However, I soon got accustomed to the new place and made quite a few friends. I had been quite shy and reserved before I entered the hostel three years back. I was dependent on my parents for every small need.

However, hostel life has turned me into a bold and confident person. I can now deal with difficult situations with ease. I do not panic or get emotional easily. I have emerged as a strong person. This may be because living in a hostel teaches us to live independently and we are bound to take charge of our life.

The hostel is like a Second Home for Me

As excited as I am to visit my home, I am equally excited to get back to the hostel as the vacation comes to end. I look forward to meeting my friends and living my life over in that small hostel room. I look forward to the table tennis room where I spend hours setting new records and the hostel ground where I sit with my friends chit chatting about various things. The hostel has become a second home for me.


To conclude, I can say that the hostel is the best thing that has happened to me. It has changed my personality for good.


Essay 2 (400 words)


Ask a hostel student if life in a hostel is good or bad and he will narrate all the pros and cons of the hostel life. However, if you ask an adult who has had an experience of living in a hostel, he is likely to narrate his memories fondly and tell you that it was the best phase of his life. This is because there are certain difficulties of living in the hostel however the benefits it offers surpass them and with time it is only the good that we remember. However, everyone can have a different experience.

Hostel Life is Largely Good

I have been living in the hostel for around four years now and my experience has largely been good. I am quite attached to my parents and being the only child I have always been quite pampered. My parents and grandparents have showered me with immense love and taken care of all my needs.

This is why the initial days in the hostel were very difficult for me. I was in the fifth standard when my parents enrolled me here. I had never lived even a single day without my mother until that time. It was extremely hard for me to live without her particularly. However, I soon became friends with my roommates and the joy ride began. I was fortunate to have found like-minded roommates.

Gradually, we found out that we had a lot in common and so much to talk about. We have become the best of friends since then. We study, play, dance and enjoy numerous other activities together. Their friendship is the best part of my hostel life. There is just no boredom when you are in a hostel as you are always surrounded by friends.

I also love the fact that living in a hostel has made me independent. I have learned to observe and understand people and situations before taking any decision about them. This has made me more confident.

But I really miss home-cooked food. I look forward to the holidays not only because I am eager to meet my family but also because I crave for the yummy food made by my mother. Ironing the clothes and cleaning my bathroom are a few other things that I despise about the hostel. But it is a part and parcel of the hostel life.


To conclude, I would say, I am grateful to my parents for letting me experience the wonderful hostel life. This has made me grow mature and take care of most of my needs on my own.


Essay 3 (500 words)


There is a big difference between the hostel life and home life. Both these have their set of pros and cons. Every student must experience the hostel life to know the perks it offers as well as the difficulties one has to face living in the hostel.

Hostel Life vs. Home Life

Here is how the hostel life and home life are different from each other:

  1. Rules and Regulations

Hostels have a certain set of rules and regulations that the students are bound to follow. The hostel warden is there to ensure that each and every student follows the rules and leads a disciplined life. However, at home, there are no strict rules. While our parents do set certain rules for us they are flexible with them many times, unlike the warden who is stringent about the rules.

  1. Use of the Internet

The use of the internet is restricted in the hostel. Unlike our house, we do not get the benefit of enjoying unlimited Wi-Fi connection. Most of the hostels allow the students to use the internet for a few hours a day and that too for study purposes. Though many students have mobile phones these days, they do not get enough pocket money to take an unlimited data connection.

  1. No Choice of Food

At home, we get the privilege of having what we want. All we have to do is to ask our mother for the same. However, in a hostel, there is no such choice. Students living in the hostel have to eat what is available irrespective of whether they like it or not.

  1. No Late Entry

Students are not allowed to come back to the hostel late at night. So, they cannot enjoy late-night parties or movies whereas most of us are lucky to have parents who allow us to go out with friends late at night at times.

  1. Outside Friends Not Allowed

We can only have fun with our hostel buddies when we are living in a hostel. Girls’ entry in a boys’ hostel and vice-versa is particularly a strict no. However, there is no such restriction at home.

  1. Taking Care of Needs

At home, our parents are there to take care of every single need of ours. We do not have to wash and iron our clothes or go shopping for the daily need for goods. However, in the hostel, we need to do all of these things on our own.

  1. Boredom

While at home, we may get bored at times, in a hostel there is no scope of getting boredom as our friends are always around and most of them are up to some fun stuff.


I have stayed at home and studied at a regular school until the fifth standard and am living in a hostel for the last five years. With my experience, I can say that while both hostel life and home life are different and have their own set of pros and cons, hostel life is anytime better as we get a learn a lot from it. It is a great experience and shapes us for good. A student who has lived in a hostel is better prepared to take up various challenges in life.


Essay 4 (600 words)


Hostel life is challenging yet exciting. It offers numerous advantages but also comes with its set of disadvantages. One can clearly tell the difference between a student who lives in a hostel and one who lives with parents and goes to a regular school. Those who get the opportunity to stay in a hostel are likely to become bolder and more confident. However, they may also incur certain negative traits. Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of hostel life.

Advantages of Hostel Life

Let us first look at the advantages of hostel life:

  1. Teaches Independence

Hostel life teaches students to become more independent. They learn to take charge of their life by taking decisions solely in different situations.

  1. Boosts Confidence

Students are faced with different situations and meet all types of people while living in a hostel. Dealing with different situations and people over the years boosts their confidence.

  1. Makes Bolder

Students living in the hostel also tend to get bolder compared to those who live with their parents and attend regular school. They are better prepared to tackle various challenges in life.

  1. Instils Discipline

Hostels have a certain set of rules that need to be followed at all times. The students are expected to wake up, take a bath, reach their college and sleep at the same time each day. Students who do not follow the rules are punished severely so they do not repeat the mistake. This instills discipline in them.

  1. Introduces to Various Cultures

Students from various cultural backgrounds come to stay in the hostels. Living with each other day in and day out, the students learn about their culture and traditions.

  1. Builds Long Lasting Friendships

Staying away from the family, hostel buddies are there to take care of each other. They develop an emotional connection with one another over time. The hostel is the place where people make long-lasting friendships and memories to cherish forever.

  1. Teaches New Skills

Hostel students need to do all their tasks on their own. They learn several new skills such as washing clothes, ironing them, cleaning their room, keeping their books tidy, purchasing stuff on budget and even cooking.

Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Here is a look at the disadvantages of hostel life:

  1. Introverts May Face Difficulty

Introverts may have a difficult time interacting with their hostel mates and making new friends. They are often left out and cry their hearts out when alone as they miss their family badly.

  1. Living Far From Family

Living far from the family is difficult for everyone. Many students get extremely emotional at times as they are reminded of the good times spent with their family. It is particularly difficult for the students to return to the hostel after the vacations.

  1. Difficulty Adjusting in Family Atmosphere

While initially, the students get emotional at the thought of staying away from their family, living in the hostel for a few years often makes it difficult for them to adjust in the family atmosphere. They grow so accustomed to taking their own decisions and living their way that they do not like any suggestions from their parents and want to live independently.

  1. Quality of Food

The quality of food in hostels is not very good. Besides, there is no choice. Students need to eat what they get whether they like it or not.

  1. No one to Take Care

Falling sick is the worst part. While the hostel buddies try to take care of each other however they cannot take care of the parents. Thus, recovering from illness often takes a lot of time.


Hostel life offers both advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the student on how he/ she deals with it and what he imbibes from his stay in the hostel.

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