Adventure is a thrilling experience that increases the excitement and the rush of adrenaline in the blood. It also refers to an activity that is exciting, exhilarating and having some element of risk. Mountain bike riding, Paragliding, swimming, parachute jumping, and dirt racing are some of the examples of adventurous activities. Adventure is often pursued psychological improvement and also to gain knowledge and experiences as in the case of exploration and jungle safaris. The adventure involves risk yet people long for it because of the boost it gives to one’s confidence and mood. It is surely good to be adventurous unless it is done after carefully analyzing the risk involved.

Long and Short Essay on Adventure

Essay 1 (250 words)

Doing adventure is the most exciting experience of life. It contains lots of joy and happiness however full of risks. People are great who try adventures in life for an unknown outcome. Adventure means differently for person to person as it gives different feelings and experiences. The feeling and experience of one person for any adventure can never be compared to the feeling experiences of another person. Everyone gets pure joy ad happiness. A life without adventures is like a body without a heart for all adventurers. Some great people have said that without adventures our lives are just an empty book.

Adventure makes our life worth, valuable and meaning, so we should try adventure at least once in life. It gives lots of courage and happiness to learn and live a long life. Once I did an adventure in my past life. I went to the Nainital a year back, it was amazing to see for me as I never had seen such a beauty on the earth. It was full of greeneries and beautiful natural sceneries. Everything was amazing like running clouds, a big Tal on the top of maintaining, lakes, very simple people and other things.

It gave me a feeling of heaven on earth. It was so cool and lovely environment. I wander there for the whole day however I stay fresh and my eye was not tired. Somewhere roads were broken, inclined and so risky however I fully enjoyed all without fearing a little bit. I took lots of snaps to catch my adventure into the camera for my future.


Essay 2 (300 words)

Adventures are activities full of excitement and enthusiasm to do anything impossible. All the adventures are simple. It is tough to do however give amazing experiences in life. It makes us learn new things in life and arise some positive hopes within us. It can be done by some daring people only however it gives different experiences to all according to the people thinking and ability to bear problems. It depends on how and in what way people take things in their minds. Some people take it easy and start doing as they already know about all the challenges of the adventure. However some experience it tough and decide to never do it again.

Nowadays, many discoveries channels on the TV show a variety of adventurous activities on a daily basis. I am really fond of seeing all the adventures like sky diving, fishing, swimming, high jumping, mountain climbing, ballooning, crossing Atlantic, car racing, buggy jumping, speed boating, adventure trips, visiting dangerous and rare places, trekking and so many activities. Such people doing adventurous activities in their life are creating challenges for us to do such things in life.

They give us to dare, excitement and most importantly a positive future for ourselves. They tell us that life is full of lessons and not empty for anyone, it is full of joy and adventures. They let us know that we all have many roads to go to our destination, it is another thing that some are full of only happiness and some are full of adventure and challenges. But adventures give us lots of good experience and teach us to always chose a tough path if you really want to enjoy life. Such adventures make us brave and tough and prepare us to face anything in life and live a challenging life.


Essay 3 (400 words)

Adventure is doing anything the first time, new, amazing or risky in life with courage and excitement and without fear. My first day of school was an adventure to me which gave me an unforgettable experience. I always remember that event. I was so excited that how I would wake up in the early morning, get fresh, take bath, breakfast, and gets prepared for the school. My mother was also a little bit worried about my first day at school as I was a little bit naughty and lazy. She thought that how I would do everything at the right time. At night, I went to my bedroom and closed the door. I still remember that I did not sleep the whole night.

I started wearing me the school dresses, shoes, hang my school bag to shoulder, take a water bottle, my books, pencil box, and all thing which my mom brought for my school purpose. I was so excited that how I look in school dress, how I wear my socks and shoes, how I use my things in a proper way and so many. Finally, the night got over and it became morning with the nice sounds of birds in the sky. Sun was shining and sunlight was coming to me through the window. My mom entered my room, she tried to awake me by her lovely voice. Soon, I came out of my cover sheet and gave a surprise to my mom. She was shocked and took me to prepare.

I went to my school with my mom on the school bus. I met there with friends and teachers. I was taken to the classroom by my class teacher and my mom was waiting outside in the garden like other moms. I was very silent in the classroom however I heard that my friends were weeping for their mother. My teacher closed the door and started showing us some interesting stories on the smartboard. Everyone became happy. Then the teacher asked the introduction of everyone and told her name to us.

She told us that we are good boys and we have come to school daily without missing our mom. She was talking so politely and treating everyone in a very sweet manner. She told that when you all come to school daily I would tell you nice stories on a daily basis. After two hours, the school became off and we all went home with mom. It was the first time when my mom saw positive changes within me, she just said, you are a good boy.

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