Global Warming refers to the rise in earth’s surface temperature, beyond a permissible limit, mainly due to human-induced factors. Global warming is a consequence of the Green House effect, which in turn is caused by the emission of Green House Gases into the atmosphere. Some of the most common Green House gases are Carbon dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide released mainly due to the burning of fossil fuel. They trap the Sun’s heat, preventing it from escaping the earth’s surface, thereby, resulting in a rise in temperature.

Long and Short Essay on the Causes of Global Warming


Essay 1 (250 words)

Global warming is caused by an increase in the temperature of the planet gradually. It is a gradual process however very dangerous for the whole human fraternity. It is an indication of the end of life on this planet if the effects of global warming continue. The natural cause of global warming is the variations in solar radiation, solar flares or sunspots, etc are directly impacting the global temperature. Earlier in the seventeenth century, the average global temperature was around 1 degree Celsius which was much cooler than today.

Some changes in the sun activity charged particles to originate from the exploding stars of the galaxy which enters the atmosphere and ionize with small moisture particles and form water droplets and then clouds. Such clouds cause reflection of solar energy back to space and become the reason for the rise in global temperature.

Natural forest fires also cause an increase in the atmospheric temperature as vegetation burning releases stored carbon and increase the level of greenhouse gasses. Melting permafrost in the North and South Poles at a high level also contributes to global warming. Other natural causes are the changes in solar activity, volcanic eruptions, natural forest fires, etc.

The main causes of global warming are the human-made causes which are deforestation, increasing human population, increasing demand of the vehicles, burning fossil fuels, burning of coal, oil, gas, etc which increases the atmospheric greenhouse effect and ultimately enhance the temperature of the atmosphere.


Essay 2 (300 words)

The main cause of the increasing global warming is human beings however some natural causes also contribute to global warming. The main culprit of global warming is the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of this planet. Burning fossil fuels and deforestation causes carbon dioxide to store in the atmosphere which traps heat and becomes the reason for earth warming and the greenhouse effect causing global warming. The most important elements causing the greenhouse effect are carbon dioxide gas, water vapor, methane, and ozone.

Coal and oil mining releases methane gas to the atmosphere. Other natural leakage causes an additional source of methane release. Human beings are cutting down trees and forests to a great level per year which affects the natural carbon cycle and causes carbon dioxide gas to store in the atmosphere. Plants are considered as the main source to utilize all the carbon dioxide gas on the earth. In this way, the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide gas causes an increase in the greenhouse effect which again warm the atmosphere by increasing temperature.

Release of nitrous oxide from the fertilizers (used for crops) and gases used in the refrigerator including other industrial processes are also the main factors of global warming. Melting ice releases methane as ice has trapped a compound called methane clathrate which released after melting.

Also, the ice caps and glaciers reflect sunlight back to space (means preventing the earth from high-temperature sun rays) and after melting of ice this process stops and causes the earth to warm. Burning of wood at a high level releases the oxidizable carbon in the earth’s atmosphere which ultimately elevates earth temperature. An emission of chlorofluorocarbons (used in the freeze) is the major reason for abnormal earth warming. It does not trap heat however it releases chlorine in the presence of UV sun rays which goes to the atmosphere and weakens the ozone layer by changing ozone molecules into the oxygen molecules.


Essay 3 (400 words)

Global warming is a gradual process however increasing day by day because of human beings. There are many natural causes also but they are contributing less than human-made causes. Now the effects of global warming can be easily felt by us such as decreasing winter season length and increasing summer season length. Earth is getting warmer and warmer, even in the last decades the temperature of the earth has increased to a great extent. There are some effective measures following on the global level by human beings that may reduce the effect of global warming. The increasing effect of global warming indicates the end of life’s existence on earth. The main reason for the origin of this demon is human mistakes.

Burning fossil fuel naturally or by man increases the level of carbon dioxide emissions (coal-powered plants-93%, power production industries-40%, and other industries) in the atmosphere. Another reason for increasing CO2 emissions is the increasing demand for vehicles on the road. Vehicles use gasoline which causes the emission of CO2 gas as a by-product. Some faulty engines of the vehicles or vehicles giving less mileage contribute more carbon emission. Nowadays, automobile manufacturers have been warned to manufacture more efficient engines of the vehicles in order to reduce carbon dioxide gas emissions to the atmosphere. Increasing demands of the vehicles are creating more challenges t global warming.

Deforestation and increasing population are the main reasons for increasing global warming. Deforestation causes the removal of plants from the earth which disturbs the natural carbon cycle. Plants are the main utilizers of carbon dioxide gas as their food and when the number of plants decreases on the earth causes an increase in the level of this harmful gas in the earth’s atmosphere. The released CO2 gets collected in the environment and absorbs more heat from the sun rays and ultimately increases the temperature of the earth. Increased earth temperature causes an increase in global warming.

Animals are also the source of releasing some methane into the atmosphere which is also harmful to the earth. Burning of coal, oil, and gas causes an increase in the atmospheric greenhouse effect and a rise in temperature which causes ice caps to melt and heat the earth. Ice caps play a great role in the cooling of the earth by reflecting solar heat back to space, however cooling effects lasts when ice caps melt.

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