Preface :
Hygiene is not just for the home | Also – as we should clean your country | Clean our country of India campaign has been launched this campaign to keep clean the village and towns |
This campaign is the Clean India stated mission and sanitation | This campaign has been launched by the Government of India |
To build toilets by the campaign to clean to clean the villages and streets or roads have been the beginning of the campaign to bring change, etc. Areas |
Start the Clean India campaign
Start the drive India’s prime Minister Narendra Modi said on the day of Gandhi Jayanti was |
Narendra Modi was the beginning of this Mohim for the development of our country | He started this Mohim by collecting all the people of the country had on October 2, 2014 |

Clean require India campaign
by the government of India to make clear our country the campaign has been launched | The country has been the beginning of the campaign to keep away from dirt and build awareness among all people |
All logos like your home must also clean up the country | India should be clean and beautiful |
Responsibility of every citizen
keep your country clean and beautiful this country is the responsibility of every citizen | Clean India campaign is celebrated in schools, colleges |
Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of the government to meet to make our country clean India and the dreams of the beginning of this campaign |

We are very important to all hygiene | The country will work every single citizen good responsibility it will be forced to clean India campaign success | All people should clean everywhere |

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