Cricket is a game played between two teams of 11 players each. It is a bat and ball game played in a field with a 20 meters pitch, with wickets at both ends. The batting team deploys its two batsmen on the field while the opposite team takes charge of fielding and bowling. The batting team score runs and the fielding team tries to bowl the batsman out by making field strategies.  Cricket has become an increasingly popular and commercialized game in the past decades. It is played in many forms – like 20-20, one day and test matches.

Long and Short Essay on Cricket

Essay 1 (250 words)

Cricket is my favorite game than all other outdoor games in India. I used to play cricket in front of my house in the park with my school friends and neighbors. Cricket is a game originated in British Empire (an English origin) however started playing in many countries. We need a bat and a ball to play this game. The cricket game came in vogue and gained popularity by the 18th century. There are two teams in cricket with 11 players in each, two umpires to notice the faults according to the law and judges all the fair and unfair while playing the cricket. Before starting the game, a coin is tossed by the captain of any team to decide which team starts batting first and the other one bowling.

Both of the teams get the chance of batting alternatively however the team who wins the toss do batting first and the opposite team does bowling. Cricket has become one of the most fascinating games in India from points of view of the observers. When any national or international level cricket game is fixed to play, highly interested people become so excited a week before the start of the game. Many cricket lovers start booking tickets to see them live and onsite cricket games in the stadium instead of seeing on TV or news. Our country has become one of the famous countries in the field of cricket playing all over the world. Many times India has won the world cup and many test matches.


Essay 2 (300 words)

Cricket is an exciting outdoor game in India and played in many countries all through the world. It is not so popular in the United States however played as a most fascinating game in many countries like India, England, and Australia. It is a wonderful game played using a bat and a ball in the open space in the big field. It is my favorite sport. I generally used to see only cricket on the TV whenever any national or international cricket competition takes place. In cricket, there are two teams having 11 players in each team. One team starts batting first and another team does bowling according to the toss winning. The team who win toss do batting first however both of the teams can do batting alternatively.

There are many rules in cricket and one cannot play cricket without knowing the rules and regulations properly. It is played well when play ground becomes dry however there exist some problems when the ground gets wet. One batsman gets a chance to do batting until he gets out of the game. Whenever a match starts everyone’s enthusiasm runs high and a high pitch sound of people gets spread all over the stadium, especially when the favourite batsman does through a chauka or chhakka ball. Sachin Tendulkar is my favorite cricketer and would be. He had made a new record in the cricket history of India. I completely forget to eat anything for the whole day whenever he played his cricket match on the national or international level.

Cricket is a hard however simple game if practiced on a regular basis. I too, very fond of playing cricket and play daily in the evening in the playground near my house. My parents are very helpful and motivate me always to play cricket very well.


Essay 3 (400 words)

Cricket is the most popular and favorite game of everyone. We like cricket very much and play on daily evening in the small playground. It is liked by the people of almost all age groups as it is a very interesting and suspicious game. There is no accurate prediction that a particular team would win. At the last moment, any of teams may win which increases the enthusiasm of everyone. People have their own favorite team which they want to win and see until the game becomes over and they get some result. There become a big crowd of cricket lovers in the stadium and TV rooms to see the cricket whenever any test match, national level or international level competition takes place.

Young boys are highly affected by this game and almost everyone wants to be a good cricketer. Cricket is not an Indian native game however played with lots of enthusiasm and joy. Cricket is played in many countries England, India, Pakistan, Ireland, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, etc. Cricket matches are generally played for five days with one Rest-Day. A cricket match is played with two teams of 11 players in each and the whole test match contains two innings of first innings and second innings. Win and loss in the cricket by any team depend on the highest total runs scored by the teams in their two innings. And the team getting maximum runs at the end of the game is declared as the winner of that day match.

Cricket is not a simple game however can be learned and practiced on a regular basis by following all the rules and regulations of the cricket. There are two main players called one batsman and one bowler at a time and both are changed timely whenever they become out or completed their all number of balls and overs.

Before starting the cricket match, a coin is tossed to decide which team would start the batting first. The team who wins the toss starts batting first and the opponent team does bowling however both of the teams get a chance of batting and bowling alternatively. Winning and defeating are two aspects of the cricket game which have made this game most interesting and suspicious. Whenever the batsman through the ball for chauka and chhakka, the whole cricket ground and stadium becomes full of the high tuned sound of the cricket lovers especially when the most favorite team does batting.

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