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Rabbits are a beautiful and Pets | It is an organism living on Earth | This small organism is found in the corner of every world |
Rabbits do more in fields, forests and prefer to stay in Plains | Rabbits are making pit in the ground |
Rabbit Anatomy
are rabbit eyes rounded and large | Rabbit four-footed animals | Rabbit ears are much larger and taller | There are about 28 teeth of the rabbit | This more are found in black, white and gray colors | There are also a busy little tail of the rabbit |
The nature of the rabbit
rabbits are herbivores | The nature of the rabbit is playful | Are soft hair on the rabbit’s body |
Rabbits have won at least 10 years | They are very fast runners | Rabbit grass and fruit | Her carrot most liked |

Rabbit Species
are found 8 species in the world of rabbits | Throughout most of the rabbit in the world are found in South America | Rabbits are so much like to be in group |
Rabbits give birth to 5 to 12 children in 30 days | Teeth of rabbits are growing like her life | Hearing rabbits are very much |
When you gave birth to rabbits, there are no hair on his body | Hair on rabbit bodies fall out after every 2 years | And come the hair back to the same place | Hares are learning to eat and drink here 14 – 15 days |

Rabbits are a Sstn creature | World are found rabbits in every corner | Rabbit small children would love | Many people want it kept as a pet in your home | Rabbit it looks very beautiful in appearance |

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