Many people around the world are addicted to their computer screens. They sit in front of their computer systems for hours and neglect all the other tasks that need to be completed. They grow so addicted to the computer that it begins to have a negative impact on their personal and professional lives. It also affects their health. After going through the following Computer Addiction essay you will know what computer addiction is, what the symptoms of computer addiction are, how is computer addiction equivalent to drug addiction, ways to treat computer addiction, etc.

Long and Short Essay on Computer Addiction


Essay on Computer Addiction: A Cause of Concern (250 Words)


Persistent and compulsive usage of computer is termed as computer addiction. Many people in modern-day society are addicted to the computer. They spend a lot of time playing games, surfing the internet and chatting online on their computer systems. They give priority to these activities over other things in life. This strains their relationships, harms their health and degrades their performance at work.

Signs and Symptoms of Computer Addicts

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of computer addicts:

  1. They are always preoccupied with computers. You will always find them sitting in front of it.
  2. They look for reasons to get back to the computer.
  3. They begin to ignore their loved ones.
  4. They skip family gatherings and important business meetings just to stay back with their computers.
  5. They lose interest in real activities.
  6. They act defensively when asked about the amount of time spent on the computer. They try to justify their computer usage and deny that they are addicted to it.
  7. They feel irritated and restless when asked to turn off the computer.
  8. They experience frequent mood swings.
  9. They lose the sense of time and delay important tasks.
  10. They feel happy only when they are in front of their computer screens.

Computer Addiction: Bad for Health

Computer addiction is extremely bad for a person’s health. First of all, it causes sleep disturbance. Computer addicts find it hard to get away from the computer and thus begin to sleep late at night. Their sleep pattern is disturbed and they often experience sleep deprivation. This leads to lethargy, migraine, and strained eyes. Dry and itchy eyes and weakened eyesight is a common problem among computer addicts. Sitting in front of the computer for long hours also causes neck and backache. Computer addicts also experience carpal tunnel syndrome.

Most of them gain weight and stand a high risk of developing problems like heart disease and diabetes.


Computer addiction can take a toll on a person’s life. It is important to get rid of this addiction to improve the quality of life.


Essay on Computer Addiction: as Dangerous as Drug Addiction (400 Words)


Most people are not ready to indulge in outdoor activities these days. They are mostly busy watching TV, surfing the internet or engrossed in their mobile or computer. Over time, these sources of entertainment turn into serious addictions. One such addiction is computer addiction. Many people around the world are known to be addicted to their computer screens. They spend several hours a day in front of their computer screens and even the thought of leaving it makes them feel restless.

The similarity between Computer Addiction and Drug Addiction

Computer addicts are as vulnerable as drug addicts. Just as drug addicts aren’t able to get rid of their habit of using drug computer addicts are not able to leave their computers. They gain pleasure through their use. It takes them into a state of euphoria. It is quite similar to the effect rendered by different drugs.

Both computer addicts and drug addicts display compulsive behavior. They begin to isolate socially. They ignore their parents, children, spouse and friends, miss social events and avoid real interactions. They love staying hooked to their respective addictions. It is the only thing that makes them happy.

However, the happiness rendered by both these addictions is temporary. Soon, these addicts begin to experience the negative impact of these addictions. They feel lonely and depressed. Their performance dips and they are unable to focus on anything. They also grow weak physically and are at risk of incurring serious illnesses.

Their mental health deteriorates. They become forgetful, restless and often develop anxiety issues. Many of them go into depression. It has also been observed that computer addicts are at a greater risk of developing drug and alcohol addiction. When someone suffers from both conditions, it is referred to as dual diagnosis.

It is possible to overcome both these addictions with some effort. Some changes in the lifestyle and support from family and friends can help in this direction. One can also seek professional help to get rid of these addictions. Special therapy sessions are conducted to help the addicts. It may take some time to heal these and there are chances of relapse in both the cases.


Computer addiction must be taken seriously. If you find yourself wasting time in front of the computer unnecessarily and feel it is harming your personal and professional life then it is time to take charge of the situation. You must get rid of it while there is still time.


Essay on Computer Addiction: Ways to Treat  (500 Words)


Most working professionals these days spend a lot of time in front of their computer screens. They feel relieved when they finally turn it off and head back home. Computer addicts also spend several hours in front of their computer screens. However, they find it difficult to turn off their computer and feel anxious even at the thought of parting with it. Computer addicts feel the urge to stay logged on to their computer systems all the time. This condition should be cured well in time else it can have numerous negative repercussions.

Ways to Treat Computer Addiction

Getting rid of computer addiction is as difficult as treating any other kind of addiction. However, one can get over it with persistent effort, determination and support from loved ones. Here are a few ways to help computer addicts overcome their addiction:

  1. Limit Computer Usage

One of the first things you should do is to define the number of hours you will be using the computer. You must make sure you do all that you want to on your computer during that time. Do not exceed the number of hours if you are really aiming to get over your computer addiction.

  1. Seek Support from Loved Ones

Your loved ones will always be glad to help you overcome any bad habit or addiction. You just have to discuss things with them and they will support you.

Try to spend more and more time with your family members. Talk to them, help them with their tasks, go out with them and indulge in other activities that you love doing together. Similarly, plan outings with your friends or invite them over to your place. This is a good way to stay away from your computer system.

  1. Use Computer only for Essential Tasks

Use your computer only when you require doing essential work that cannot be avoided. Do not use it just to kill boredom and waste time. Also, if you can refer to a book to complete your assignment then use it rather than looking for information on the computer.

  1. Work Out

Channelize your energy in activities that impact your health, growth, and development in a positive way. It is a good idea to develop a workout routine. This will keep your mind off the computer. It will also help combat stress that is caused when you are away from your system.

  1. Join a Hobby

It is suggested to join a hobby class or indulge in an activity you love. Make it a habit to devote at least an hour to such an activity every day. You will enjoy it and l look forward to it. It may soon replace a substantial time spent on the computer.

  1. Seek Professional Help

There are therapists and counselors that can help you overcome computer addiction by providing professional guidance. If you are not able to get rid of this addiction even after trying all the above then it is suggested to seek professional help.


Though it is difficult to get over computer addiction, you can do so with some effort. You just require distracting your mind with something interesting and positive. It may take time but eventually, you will be able to achieve your goal.


Essay on Computer Addiction: Impact (600 Words)


Computer addiction is a bigger problem than many of us think. Its impact is similar to any other addiction. Computer addicts begin to give priority to the computer more than anything else in life. They ignore their studies, work, relationships, and health. This impacts their health as well as social life that ultimately leads to suffering at different levels.

Impact of Computer Addiction

Here is a look at the negative impact of computer addiction:

  1. Social Isolation

Computer addicts avoid social gatherings and important events just to spend time on their computers. They gradually become socially isolated and find it difficult to interact with people in real life. As a result, many of them develop low self-esteem. This hampers their personal as well as professional life.

  1. Strained Relationships

Computer addicts ignore their loved ones and gradually grow apart as they have no time for them. All their time is spent on their computer systems. This can be heartbreaking and impacts the addicts as well as those around them.

  1. Loss of Interest in Real Activities

They lose interest in real-life activities and events. This impacts their growth and development. Students and young professionals addicted to the computer are thus worst affected by it. At an age when they should learn and grow, they are glued to their computer screens.

  1. Dip in Performance

Students addicted to computers ignore their homework, neglect important assignments, do not devote enough time to learn their lessons and miss their coaching classes. Academic performance of these students’ dips. They also lose interest in sports and other co-curricular activities. Working professionals lose interest in their work and thus miss good opportunities for career growth. Many of them skip important business meetings, take unnecessary leaves and miss deadlines due to this addiction.

  1. Inability to Concentrate

Computer addicts lose the ability to focus on anything other than the computer. They aren’t able to concentrate on any productive task.

  1. Mental Health at Stake

The mental health of computer addicts deteriorates. They feel stressed because of the excessive use of computers and also when they are away from them. They are more susceptible to incurring problems such as depression and anxiety.

  1. Behavioral Issues

Computer addicts often grow irritable, restless and aggressive. They experience frequent bouts of anger and react inappropriately in most situations. They have frequent mood swings.

  1. Weight Gain

They begin to lead a sedentary life and gain weight. This leads to many serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and hypertension to name a few.

  1. Frequent Headache

Staring at the computer screen for hours leads to frequent headaches. Many computer addicts develop chronic migraines.

  1. Weakened Eyesight

Staying glued to the computer screen for hours strains the eyes. The eyesight of computer addicts weakens over time.

  1. Disturbed Sleep Pattern

Computer addiction disturbs the sleep pattern as addicts lose the sense of time. They are unable to leave their computer systems until late at night. Disturbed sleep patterns can cause stress, lethargy and weaken the immune system.

  1. Back Ache and Spondylitis

Sitting straight in front of the computer system continuously for hours often causes backache and severe problems of spondylitis. Many times, it becomes difficult to cure these conditions.

  1. Financial Issues

Computer addicts often spend a lot of money on computer accessories and parts. Many of them also get into the habit of online shopping and keep purchasing things that they do not even require. Besides, they require spending on therapies and medicines to cure serious conditions they incur due to computer addiction. Thus, they often face financial issues.


Computer addiction impacts our life at various levels and can ruin every aspect of our being. It is important to stay away from it in order to lead a good life. Take the help of your family friends, relatives, community members or your own will power to get out of addiction.

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