The election in a general can be termed as a decision or opinion-making process which is used to elect candidates for a specific position. Election plays a pivotal role in a political system especially in a democratic form of government in a country. It is a tool that is used to choose the representatives of the public to be sent to the governing bodies. It could also be termed as the backbone of democracy as this is the way through which the citizen of a country directly participates in framing the government which works for their welfare.

Long and Short Essay on Election

Essay on Election in India (250 Words)


India is a democratic country and the importance of elections in a democratic country could never be neglected. Elections in India play a very vital role in the country’s politics and its overall growth and development. During the British rule, India was under the Constitutional Monarchy of the British Queen and did not have any self-government. However, after independence, it became a democratic republic country with a government which is chosen through the hands of its citizen.

Types of Elections in India

The major types of elections which are held in India are Presidential, Lok Sabha (General Election), Rajya Sabha, State Legislature and local body. The elections in which the public is directly involved are the General Elections (MP) and State Legislature Assembly (MLA) for the election of Prime Minister and Chief Minister of state, respectively.

What is the Role of the Election Commission of India?

Election Commission of India is the apex autonomous electoral agency of India which is involved in supervising and administering the complete election process. It is entrusted with the responsibility of providing constitutional status to the political parties, completing the nomination process, implementing the Model Code of Conduct, taking care of the complete voting process, result declaration as well as ensuring free, fair and transparent election process.

Election Process in India

The election process in India starts with the declaration of the election dates followed by the filing of nomination by the candidates which are scrutinized and accepted by the election commission. The voting is conducted on the election date in the respective constituencies through Electronic Voting Machines (EVM). Any Indian citizen who has attained the age of 18 years having a valid proof of identity can cast his vote in the election. The votes are counted on the result declaration day and the candidates with a higher number of votes are declared the winner.


The election in India is considered as the festival of democracy because this is the day which gives immense power to the public to exercise their voting right which could change the destiny of a nation. Elections are also a platform on which a voter sees a new light of hope to strengthen the country and a ray of nation-building.

Essay on Election Campaign (400 Words)


Election Campaign or Political Campaign is a set of activities and efforts conducted towards the public or a particular group to influence their thoughts and convince them to gain their support in the election. It also helps to shape public opinion in favor of a particular political party or candidate. The campaigns are also used to highlight the achievements of a political party through print and electronic media.

What is the Importance of the Election Campaign

The significance of the Election Campaign during the election could be understood from the fact that a huge amount of expenditure is incurred by the political parties on these campaigns. It plays an important role in the following ways:

  • Structuring the Public Opinion

Election Campaigns are a way by which political parties try to structure the opinion of the public through public meetings, rallies, roadshows, and interviews, etc. It gives them a platform through which they convey their messages to the citizens so that they support them in the elections.

  • Platform for Debate

Political Campaigns also provide a platform for healthy debate between political rivals. It gives them an equal chance to showcase their achievements and highlight the weaknesses of their rivals which helps the public to frame their opinion for the election.

  • Reach Out to Public

Reaching out to the public is also an important step to understand the ground reality of a region and the Election Campaign makes it possible through local public meetings, open talks, personal communication, direct public interactions, etc.

Election Campaign in India

Political parties in India gear up for the election campaign just before the start of the election. The campaign starts by organizing mammoth rallies, large public meetings, door to door canvassing, extravagant roadshows, etc. Campaigning is also done through mass advertising via print and electronic media.

Newspapers, radios, televisions, etc are highly used for the election campaign highlighting the achievements, policies, and promises of the political parties. With the availability of most affordable internet services, election campaigns have gone digital and made their way to social media platforms also.

Benefits of Political Campaigns

From the perspective of the political parties, Election Campaigns plays a significant role in persuading the voters in the election process. It helps them to reach out to the public for direct interaction and share their policies and promises.

From the perspective of the public, election campaigns help to know the candidates, their policies and frame an opinion towards them. It also gives a platform where they can highlight their issues and have direct talks with the candidates.


Elections and Election Campaigns signify the presence of a healthy democracy in a country. It gives a fair option to the public to vote for the right candidate and a stable government. Election Campaigns may sometimes be luring, deceptive and misleading too hence an individual should always rely on his instinct and intelligence before arriving at any decision and use his voting right sensibly.


Essay on Election Awareness (500 Words)


The election in a democratic country is considered as the ‘Festival of Democracy’ as it is the instrument through which the fate and future of a country get decided. Hence it is important that the citizen of a country understand the importance of the election and know how their single vote can shape the destiny of their nation. In order to make the public make informed decisions, awareness about an election is the foremost step in an electoral process.

Importance of Election/Voting Awareness

During an election, each and every vote has a high significance hence it is important that it is cast sensibly to the right candidate. Election awareness helps to sensitize people about the electoral process, educates them to know about the political parties, their manifestos and the background of the candidates so that they make up the right decision and vote for the deserving candidate.

Election awareness also educates people about the importance of voting and how it can be used for their welfare, growth, and development. It also makes them aware of the luring and deceptive election campaigns of the political parties and how not to fall prey to cash, liquor or gifts in lieu of their vote.

How to Spread Voting/Election Awareness

Election awareness can be spread through the following ways:

  • Voter Awareness Forums

The Electoral Agency during an election organizes Voter Awareness Forums (VAF) across various locations to generate discussions and awareness around the election process. People can ask their queries and get the resolution on the spot by the VAF volunteers.

  • Through Print & Electronic Media

Election awareness could also be made through various print and electronic media campaigns. It helps people to understand the complete electoral process and the value of their voting rights.

  • Organizing Skits and Street Theatres

Skits and dramas are the best media to instill a thought in the minds of the audience. Street Theatres, especially in the rural area, can help a lot on educating people in the villages so that they use their voting right and use it sensibly.

Things to know before you Vote

There are a few very important things that need to be taken care of before casting your valuable vote.

1) Check for your name in the Voters’ list.

2) Get to know your polling station.

3) Know your Booth Level Officer.

4) Know your candidate.

You can check all the information through the ‘Voter Helpline’ number, online election portal or from your constituency’s election in-charge officer. You also need to carry a valid proof of identity to cast your vote at the polling booth.


Election awareness is very important to motivate people so that they take part in the electoral process and give their helping hand to build a healthy democracy in the country. The electoral agency in a country does its bit by organizing various awareness campaigns in the country or state however the efforts do not reach every corner.

Hence it is the prime responsibility of the youths of the country to educate people about the importance of the election and make them understand the power of voting then only we can value the democracy in real terms.


Essay on Importance of Election (600 Words)


Elections are one of the important pillars on which the democracy of a country lies. It provides the power in the hands of its citizens so that they could utilize it to elect a government of their choice which could work for their betterment and safeguard their rights and freedom. It also helps in building new leaders who can lead the nation on all fronts and ensure progress, prosperity, and development in the country.

Why do we Need Elections?

The election is considered as the essence of democracy and it is the method by which most of the governments in the world are formed. It not only helps the public to choose a representative of their choice but also keeps a check on them. Elections also play a pivotal role in a country in the following aspects:

  • For Healthy Democracy

As we know that democracy is a form of government where the power lies in the hands of its citizen and free and fair elections are the signs of a healthy democracy. It gives the right of voting to the public so that they can elect the government of their choice which works for their welfare.

  • Keeps a Check on Government

Elections also keep a check on the government as it gets conducted at a definite interval and the incumbent government could be uprooted and replaced if their policies go against the welfare of the public. It acts as a medium through which the politics in a country gets controlled by its citizens.

  • Self-Corrective Measures for Government

From the government’s aspect, election acts as a self-corrective measure as it helps them to review their performance at a regular interval and put their efforts to work for public welfare and frame policies which appeal to citizens so that they support the government through voting as voting is the only medium to have the legitimate power.

  • Control on Autocracy

In an autocratic government, the supreme power lies in the hands of a single person like monarchies or dictatorship. Elections prevent the country from becoming autocratic as it gives the power in the hands of its people by distributing it equally among all and conducting elections at definite intervals.

Importance of Election in Democracy

The election in a democratic country helps to sustain democracy by directly including its citizens in choosing a government for the country. The electoral process involves people from different backgrounds, communities, classes, etc to put their valuable opinions through the election. It gives them an option where they can choose a candidate, without any pressure or force, who talks for them and represents them on a much larger platform.

Elections not only represent the people in the majority but it also talks about the minority. It respects the opinions of both in choosing a government which provides them an equal opportunity, equal distribution of income and equal right on the country’s resources. The government chosen through public voting will always work for inclusive growth without any discrimination or favor and will focus on making the country strong and developed.


Elections play a pivotal role in sustaining democracy in a country and safeguarding it from anarchy and dictatorship. It provides the power in the hands of its people and gives them an option to make their choice of government in the country. It is a tool that helps every class and community to get up and speak for themselves through their representatives. It also keeps a check on the government and its policies as it has to appear in front of the public during elections and could be replaced if their policies and workings are against the welfare of the public.

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