Essay on female feticide – read here Kanya Bhrun Hatya In Hindi Essay

Women in ancient times had to face a lot of problems | Female feticide in all those problems are one of the biggest problems |
It is not a problem, but Judy social stigma | Female feticide is a crime | Female feticide mean girls are riding in the womb of women |
People thinking
think many people are very wrong | Many people believe that, the boy is going to pursue the family home and the girl in this strange household wealth | So people would be killed in the womb of girls |
Those girls who were burdened | Our society was the same ritual on one side girls goddess and are on the other side of his murder |
Multiple practice
was faced with other practices the girls in our society | Such as child marriage, sati, female infanticide, dowry had to face these problems |

Girls were to be too many atrocities | He was forced to all these problems | The boy’s family at marriage for girls had to pay dowry | Many people were killed by the girls because of poverty |
Measures to prevent female feticide
should be restrictions on the first Lingajat to prevent female feticide |
It should make strict laws to the government to stop |
Boy and girl in all the society must stop discrimination both |
Government has daughter Bachao awareness in all people initially plans like daughter Pdaon |
Under girls are are expected to teach and funding |

Female feticide is a very big problem | This problem should try all people to remove | Today’s running shoulder to shoulder with the boys girl in the world, should be just the chance of being needed |

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