Preface :
Hans of all birds bird is considered the largest and best | Swan is a resident bird in water and very beautiful bird | The swan bird is considered necklace of love and purity |
Goose and duck it’s two birds similar | It is both bird life too spend in water | It looks very beautiful bird View |
Swan species
there are also more species found Hans 7 World | Hans is also black and white appear in color | Australia and New Zealand is home to Swan black in this country |
Hans is an aquatic bird | Them – have different beaks of different species of black, yellow, blue and Naringi, pink | It is found in different species |
Hans anatomy and life
Swan your whole life is staying spent with a partner | Goose feathers are very soft | The nature of the goose is very shy | His neck is very thin and long |

Hans your life can live at least 10 years | But no laughing 15 years has won my life | This bird river, summoned and Nhre |
Hans food
Swan small Mcliya, insects, other types of fruit seeds, grass and green algae e. an account | Goose berry with her account |
Devi vehicle Sarda
considered vehicle mother Sharda Hans our Hinduism | It is considered necklace of happiness and prosperity | Hindu religion is laughing not hit |
Hindu religion is the worship of the Swan Bird | Hans is a sacred bird | This is of great importance in Hinduism Swan Bird |
Swan bird beauty attracts everyone | This bird never Phuchate nobody damage | Swan bird is very calm nature |

Swan is a beautiful bird that appears in your India | Hans birds live in Mansarovar and there he Dana Chugte water | Of the bird it is the sacred heart swan bird |

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