Land pollution is a major problem these days, especially in urban regions. The consequences of this type of pollution are no less fatal than other types of pollution such as air pollution and water pollution. Land pollution is increasing day by day. It is caused due to solid wastes which are increasing because of the growing number of industries as well as human littering. While maximum industrial waste is dumped into our water bodies, land pollution is mainly caused due to improper waste management in areas of human settlements.

Long and Short Essay on Land Pollution

Essay 1 (250 words)


Land pollution is considered to be one of the worst kinds of pollution. This is because it gives way to various other types of pollution thereby degrading the environment immensely.

Reasons of Land Pollution

Land pollution is caused due to various reasons; here is a look at the various causes of pollution:

  1. Solid Waste

The solid wastes generated at home, hospitals, schools, and markets such as plastic containers, cans, plastic, electronic goods, etc fall under this category. While some of these are biodegradable others are non-biodegradable and are hard to dispose of. It is the non-biodegradable waste that causes major land pollution.

  1. Deforestation

Forests are being cut at a rapid pace to fulfill various human needs. Trees are essential for the soil as they help it retain various essential nutrients. Cutting trees for the purpose of mining, urbanization and other reasons degrade the soil and are considered to be a kind of land pollution.

  1. Chemicals

Chemical waste is hard to dispose of. Both liquid and solid waste derived from insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers are either thrown in landfills or other places. It spoils the soil and creates yet another type of land pollution.

  1. Agricultural Activities

A number of high-end agricultural techniques are being used by the farmers these days to ensure a higher yield of crops. Over usage of these techniques such as excessive use of pesticides and insecticides causes dripping on the ground and degrades the soil. Fruits and vegetables grown here are also not considered healthy. It is considered to be a type of land pollution.


Land pollution is giving rise to numerous diseases and making it difficult to lead a healthy life. The government must take measures to control it and we must also contribute whatever we can in this direction.


Essay 2 (400 words)


Land pollution is caused because of solid wastes. The problem is growing by the day because of the growing amount of waste products and the lack of proper waste disposal options. Waste products from factories and households are disposed of off in open spaces thereby causing land pollution.

Consequences of Land Pollution

The growing pollution is a cause of concern. It is causing irreparable harm to the environment as well as living beings. The various harmful consequences of land pollution are listed as follows:

  • Waste products accumulated in an area for a few days get contaminated and create a foul smell. Passing by such areas can be extremely difficult due to this reason. Living in areas with dumping grounds nearby seems next to impossible. People fear to incur diseases caused due to land pollution. Besides, the foul smell that these areas exhibit constantly is a big put off.
  • The price of the land in localities located near garbage dumping grounds is comparatively lower because the area is not considered worth inhabiting. Despite the low rates, people do not prefer renting or purchasing property here.
  • Toxic materials that contaminate land can interfere with the respiratory system of the human beings as well as animals. This is also the cause of various respiratory diseases that are proving to be fatal for mankind.
  • Landfills are often burned to get rid of waste products and lower land pollution. However, this ends up in air pollution which is equally bad for the environment and life around.
  • Land pollution can cause skin allergies and other skin problems if people come in direct contact with the waste materials that cause it.
  • Land pollution is also a cause of various kinds of cancers.
  • A land filled with toxic materials is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies, rats, rodents and other such creatures. The diseases transmitted due to these tiny creatures are known to all. Various kinds of fevers and illnesses are on a rise due to these.
  • Land pollution caused due to over-usage of pesticides and other chemicals contaminates the agricultural land.
  • Vegetables and fruits are grown on soil that is contaminated causes various kinds of diseases.


There is no doubt about the fact that in an attempt to make our life more comfortable we are ruining the environment. It is time we must work towards bringing down land pollution to lead a healthier and happier life.


Essay 3 (500 words)


Land Pollution is caused due to various human activities and also because of natural factors. Some of the reasons for land pollution include over usage of pesticides, lack of options to dispose of industrial and agricultural waste, deforestation, growing urbanization, acid rains, and mining. All these factors degrade the soil and hamper agricultural activities. They are also a cause of various illnesses in animals and human beings.

Ways to Curb Land Pollution

Land pollution is on an all-time rise and so are its harmful consequences. While the government and other organizations are working at their level to bring it down, you can also contribute towards lowering the same by making a few small changes in your daily life. Here are some of the ways in which you can curb land pollution:

  • Make use of biodegradable products instead of non-biodegradable products wherever possible. This is because it is easier to dispose of biodegradable waste.
  • Have food that is grown without the use of pesticides. Such food products are marked pesticide or fertilizer free so you can easily distinguish these from the others. This will encourage farmers to avoid the usage of pesticides.
  • If you have space it is a good idea to grow organic vegetables and fruits at home.
  • A lot of paper, ribbons and other materials are wasted on packaging these days. It is suggested to go for products that have little packaging.
  • Avoid the usage of poly bags. The government has banned the use of these bags in many states however people still use these. Polybags are hard to dispose of and contribute to a lot of land pollution.
  • It is also suggested not to use plastic utensils and other plastic items. This is because the plastic in any form is difficult to dispose of.
  • Use paper or cloth bags when you go shopping. It is advised to do so as these are reusable. Cloth bags have an edge over the paper ones as these can be washed and reused numerous times.
  • Segregate trash by disposing of the wet and dry waste separately in two different dustbins. The Indian government has already started this campaign and distributed green and blue dustbins for the segregation of the waste products. A number of green and blue dustbins have also been planted in various areas in different cities across the country.
  • Do not waste paper; limit its usage. Avoid using it wherever possible. Numerous trees are cut each year to generate paper. Cutting of trees is also a cause of land pollution. It is a good idea to go digital.
  • Use a cloth or reusable dusters and brooms instead of paper wipes or tissues.

Don’t just practice all these yourself but also spread awareness about these ideas by sharing them with your friends and relatives.


Land pollution, just as various other forms of pollution, is a threat to the environment. It is degrading the quality of life on earth. It is time we must all join hands and contribute our bit towards reducing the same.


Essay 4 (600 words)


It is rightly said, “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself”. Land pollution has an adverse effect on living beings as well as on the environment as a whole. It is one of the main causes of the growing number of illnesses around.

Causes of Land Pollution

Land pollution is caused owing to various factors. These factors are both natural as well as those induced by man. Here is a look at the various reasons for the same:

  1. Industrial Waste

One of the biggest causes of land pollution is industrial waste. Lack of proper options to dispose of industrial waste which is generated in vast quantity leads to land pollution. The chemical and toxic waste is thrown in large dumping grounds that breed mosquitoes, flies, rats, and rodents. It gives way to various illnesses as well as air pollution.

  1. Mining

Mining is essential for the extraction of minerals and metals that are used in various day to day products. It causes mass destruction of trees and plants and degrades the land. The digging of soil and the use of heavy machinery to carry out the process of mining causes land pollution.

  1. Pesticides

While it is essential to use pesticides for growing crops and it is alright to do so however over usage of the same can be harmful. This is because in addition to killing the organisms that hamper the growth of plants these medicinal sprays also kill the microorganisms that are useful for plant growth. Besides, over usage of pesticides and other chemical products contaminates the soil and degrades it. It causes land pollution and the place no longer remains fit for agriculture.

  1. Cutting of Trees

We all know that trees play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity which is essential for creating ecological balance. They also help in enhancing soil fertility and increasing soil aeration. However, unfortunately, forests are being cut at a rapid pace. This exposes the soil to direct sunlight which is harmful in many ways. It makes the land barren by extracting all the water and also kills microorganisms that are useful for the soil. The damage caused to the soil is counted as land pollution.

  1. Acid Rain

Acid rain that is caused due to chemical pollutants present in the atmosphere also degrades the soil to a large extent and causes land pollution. It also contaminates the water present underground.

Segregation of Waste Products

As stated above lack of options to dispose of the industrial wastes and household garbage properly leads to the worst sort of land pollution. We can reduce the harmful effect of land pollution if we segregate waste products based on their type. These are classified into three categories – Organic, Reusable and Recyclable wastes. This is mostly done manually. However, it is a tedious task. We can contribute our bit towards it by separating the dry waste from the wet waste. It is suggested to keep separate dustbins for these types of wastes and dispose of them off accordingly.

Recently, the Modi government carried out a campaign for disposing of the wet waste in the green dustbins and dry waste in the blue dustbins. Thousands of green and blue dustbins were distributed in Delhi, Chandigarh and various other cities across India. Several others were planted in different areas with the aim to ease the waste segregation process.


We often complain that the government is not taking proper measures to bring down land pollution. But are we doing our bit to lower the same? No! On the contrary, we are only adding to it, knowingly or unknowingly. It is high time we must take it as our duty to lower the pollution level by making whatever effort we can at an individual level.

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