We all understand the term man (Plural – Men). It is a familiar term that is commonly used. But do we really know how a man of the human species came into being and how it evolved over time? Man, as we see today, is an outcome of evolution that took place over millions of years. Man is said to be the most intelligent creature on earth. No wonder, he has come up with so many things to make life comfortable and worth living.

Long and Short Essay on Man

Essay 1 (250 words)


Man has always preferred to live in groups. From the primitive period, man lived and moved in groups. This made him feel secure and helped him guard himself against the wild animals. This is one such human behavior that hasn’t changed much with time. People still love socializing. Society, family, and culture are of utmost importance to the man.

Man is a Social Animal

Leave a man all alone for a month and see what happens to him. He will suffer from loneliness, depression and incur physical and mental health ailments due to it. It is not possible for a man to live alone. Man is and has always been a social animal. He loves being around other people. Sharing his thoughts with his friends and family members, spending time with them and indulging in different activities with them makes him feel alive and give him a sense of belonging.

In earlier times, people in India lived in joint families. The joint family system had several advantages. It was good for the all-round development of the children. It also proved to be good for the elderly. However, there has been a shift in the culture lately. The younger generation is drifting apart and wants to live independently for various reasons.

Now, while the younger generation wants their privacy and wishes to do things their own way this does not mean they do not feel the need to be around people. They have their own ways to do so. Had it not been for this, the social media platforms and social networking apps would not have gained so much popularity.


The human mind is ever enhancing and human intelligence is ever-growing but if there is one thing that has remained constant, it is his need to feel safe and secure. This sense of security comes by being in touch with our near and dear ones.

Essay 2 (400 words)


God created all the men alike. It also created an environment suitable for the survival of man. However, man has messed with both these things. Men built boundaries and created several differences on the basis of his religion, caste, creed, economic status, and whatnot. He likes to socialize with people belonging to his stature and looks down upon those lower than him. The advancements in technology brought about by man have intervened with the normal functioning of the environment and it is on the verge of destruction.

Man and Culture

Culture has a huge impact on the upbringing of a man. It largely influences the way a person’s mind and overall personality shapes up. This is the reason why people belonging to different cultures have different mindsets. A thing or situation that might appear normal to people belonging to one culture may seem completely bizarre to others. The people of India have high regard for their culture. Indians believe in respecting their elders and obeying them. Unlike foreign nations, children in India keep living with their parents even as they become adults.

Indians welcome everyone with an open heart and respect other’s religious and cultural sentiments. People belonging to different castes and religions live here in peace and harmony. Similarly, people belonging to other cultures stick to their values that help in shaping their personality and viewpoint.

Man and Environment

While human life has improved and enhanced in various ways, this advancement has also had a number of negative repercussions. One of these is its impact on the environment. The industrial revolution proved to be a boon for society. Numerous people got jobs and several new products were produced to make life comfortable for men. Several industries have been established since then.

Numerous products are being manufactured each day for our use. Both day-to-day used items, as well as luxury items, are being produced in these industries to enhance our lifestyle. While our lifestyle is being enhanced, life on earth is getting degraded. The growing number of industries and vehicles has led to air, water, and land pollution.

This pollution is degrading the environment. Several other human practices are also contributing to the pollution. It has impacted biodiversity and is causing several ailments among men as well as other living beings.


It is time man must stop and think where he is heading. It is time to go back to our roots and stop polluting the environment. If we continue this way, our planet would no longer be worth living.


Essay 3 (500 words)


Man is regarded as the most intelligent species. Unlike other animals on earth, man is involved in so many activities that help him grow mentally and also impact his physical well-being. Man has been granted intelligence and he has made complete use of it to make his life comfortable.

Early Man

The life early man led was completely different from how we live today. In ancient times or the Stone Age, which was about 2 million years ago, man lived in the jungles amid wild animals. He struggled to find food. He hunted wild animals, caught fishes and birds and ate them to quench his hunger. He also climbed up trees to have fruits, vegetables, and leaves. Early man is thus also referred to as hunter-gatherer. He lived in caves and wore clothes made out of animal skins and leaves. Just as the modern man, the early man also preferred living with his kin.

The early man often moved from place to place in search of food and settled at places that were based near river or water streams. He traveled from place to place mainly when his food sources at one place got exhausted. Animals and birds usually migrate from one place to the other. Since the main source of food for the early man was animals, he too moved along with them. Besides, different trees and plants bear fruits and vegetables in different seasons. Thus, the early man also moved as per the seasons. He moved in groups as it gave a sense of security.

While initially, an early man walked on foot, he soon crafted wheel and built bullock carts to travel long distances. He also crafted many tools with stone and wood.

Medieval Man

As the human race evolved, the man moved out of the caves and built houses. Soon, different human civilizations were formed. The focus of man shifted from the hunting of food for survival to building newer things to make life better. This was the beginning of a new era and men living in this age began to be called medieval men. The physical attributes, as well as the level of thinking of man, had evolved a great deal compared to that in the Stone Age.

Modern Man and Post Modern Man

The lifestyle, culture and various other aspects of man evolved further and he came to be known as the modern man. Further evolution of man gave him the name of post-modern man. The post-modern man is quite different from the early man in terms of looks, behavior as well as mental ability. A number of natural factors along with some human intervention in the same brought about this change


Man has evolved and come far from the way he lived in the early times. The early man was certainly physically stronger and fitter compared to the modern man. However, when it comes to the mental aspect, it has enhanced manifolds over time. Human intelligence has grown and is still growing. This is clearly evident by the inventions we are coming up with. We cannot imagine living the way man lived in the Stone Age.


Essay 4 (600 words)


Man, as we see today, is a result of millions of years of evolution. We are nothing but a small part of this huge universe that has its own mysterious ways of keeping things together and bringing about changes from time to time.

Evolution of Man

Man is said to have evolved from an apelike ancestor. Chimpanzees and gorillas are said to be our closest relatives. The abundance of research has been done on how man evolved and different researchers have come up with different theories that are more or less the same. Among all the theories, the one by Charles Darwin is quite popular. He has described the evolution of man in detail in his book, The Origin of Species which was published back in 1859.

Besides the Darwinism theory, the Synthetic and Lamarckism theory of evolution also drew a lot of interest. However, the research on the subject is still going on and several new findings are made every now and then.

The human species kept evolving even after it took the form of a man from an ape. The earlier man had huge built, big ears, sharper teeth, and thick skin. He looked completely different from what he looks like today. Man evolved constantly over the centuries and is still evolving both physically and mentally.

New Findings on Evolution of Man

Scientists and researchers claim that man is still evolving and by 2050 a new type of human species will come into being. The average age of human beings is likely to increase to 100-120 years. It is also being said that the human species will be able to reproduce even in old age.

If we look at it, we have also changed and evolved and are quite different from the people living in the past century. People in those times were more evolved in agricultural activities that involved physical labor. They had a good physique as these activities ensured regular exercise. They had a good diet full of ghee, oil, and sugar to keep healthy and fit to indulge in laborious tasks.

Even as they ate ghee and sugar in large quantity they did not incur diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, etc as they sweat it out in the field. The growth of industries marked a shift in the nature of job man involved in. People these days have become physically weak as they are more involved in desk jobs and lack physical activities. A number of new diseases have also come up – the ones that had never even been heard of in the past century.

With the advancement in technology, most people are glued to their phones for the most part of the day. It is common to see people chit-chatting or watching videos on the phone while ignoring the people sitting next to them. It is very much a part of the evolution. The mental and physical health of people is being affected by it and in a way evolving.

Just as people spend most of their time on mobile phones and tabs these days, by 2050 people will be spending most of their time in virtual reality. It is being said that man will rely on artificial intelligence in the near future and get most of their day-to-day tasks done by robots.

The advancements in technology will lead to all these significant changes. The entire way of living of human beings will change.


The evolution of man is indeed a marvel on its own. Initially, nature played a major role in the evolution of man. In the years to come, it seems that man himself, through his intelligence, will be responsible for further evolution. Times are likely to change and we hope they change for good.

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