Preface :
Every child’s heart is very special place for mom | Every mother has the good of their children and take care of everything | The mother called the mother and the mother called God |
Everybody treats their mother as God | Live life without mom not easy | Each world importance of mother | The mother can not even a |
Meaning of Mother’s Day words –
Are made up of Mother’s Day words which means Earth Mother switching Mother’s Day day of Mother’s Day |
mother’s Day
this is the beginning of the Day was the Pahile Greece | The country was the mother worshiped gods Dew | Then came to be celebrated in the Mother’s Day as a festival |
World that every mother devoted her entire life to her child | Sacrificing mother is too large | But every child shall have our duty to honor their mother |

celebrated throughout Mother’s Day May 12 in World | On this day all mothers in the school, are called schools | Teachers do a lot of “preparation” on the Day of Mother’s Day | Mother’s Day This festival is celebrated in much enthusiasm |
On this day children celebrate Sjake Mother’s Day class to welcome the mother | Day school Mother’s Day are celebrated in many programs |
Mother’s Day essay writing, poems, speeches and more. When preparing | Many school children by mothers greeting cards and Wishing cards are also |

The existence of every human mother as much | Humans are born to do on earth after her mother works for her child funeral | Then take a tree to the ground like him give water and other things | Then he tree grows | So Mom does her upbringing by giving birth to her child | Therefore Celebrating Mother’s Day are very important |

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