Essay on my childhood – read here My Childhood Essay In Hindi

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My childhood days were very good | Life of childhood is very passionate | Everyone recall ever your childhood Never |
I had a lot of fun as a child | My childhood spent in the village | Those days of my childhood, I could never forget not come | I used all people love me so much when I was younger |
childhood memories
memories of my childhood was very sweet | I used to play as a child, jump up and eat the school are killing time, run for the play to come home from school, the trees Cdke fruit and full break Hrkte such on |
I was playing too many games in childhood | Days of childhood are very entertaining | Hu memories of childhood may I never forget |
School house
was a school in my village in it was for I read | I had to go to the same school in the morning |

My friend as a child and I do a lot of fun in school | Every day was a right Preshann a | I was very Srarte childhood | In the evening we were all playing |
rainy season
when rain season starts, and I bathed in the rain | And were put in the water flowing into paper boat in the rain |
And when it rains it was lots of fun | Due to rain all over the place becomes water |
Childhood is the largest part of life | Any person can never forget his childhood | Childhood is everyone not to worry |
He stays away from all the worries | When a person grows up is required to play responsibly |

Days of childhood are very fine and good | I can still see the day it is, again I child, I will be very happy | I will miss your childhood |

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Essay on my childhood - read here My Childhood Essay In Hindi

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