Preface :
Its India games are played different – different in the country | A cricket, are a like Kabaddi, a hockey, playing any other kind of football |
But I kabaddi playing the nice sounds | My favorite game Kabaddi | Kabaddi it most straightforward game and love to play this game | This game is a good game for the property and health of other kinds of sports |
The composition of the Kabaddi game
are both 7-7 players in this game | A line in the middle of the kabaddi field are drawn | That line is called frost | The two sides are equal players |

A team player in this game is the talk Kabaddi – kabaddi while the other team | Those players that it thinks are without breath broken back any Cukr a player trying to get his team |
If the other team’s players are speaking on Kabaddi Kabaddi first team | And when they are touching a | Then the team player grabs him |
If he does not hit when the player’s court he considered playing out | Kabaddi in this game might require more Takd | And body to play this game becomes healthy |

Kabaddi this game very good game | It is considered one of the best and cute enrollment | This game goes to school and played much in college |

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