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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG, is one of the most addictive mobile games around. Millions of people across the globe play this game and most of them are addicted to it. The adrenaline rush one gets on winning this game is simply unmatched. It is one of the reasons why players keep coming back to it. PUBG mobile addiction is a grave problem that cannot be dismissed lightly. It is impacting the players adversely.

Long and Short Essay on PUBG Mobile Game Addiction

Essay on PUBG Mobile Game Addiction: Ruining the Life of Youth (300 Words)


PUBG is a first-person shooter game. The android version of the game was released in March 2018. It became an instant hit. The game had garnered a great response when it was released on Microsoft Windows in December 2017.

The release of its mobile version saw numerous downloads around the world and aggravated interest in the game. The craze of PUBG can be seen among people of all age groups. However, it is especially popular among the youth. While the game was launched for the purpose of recreation, it is turning out to be a dangerous addiction.

PUBG Mobile Game Addiction Is Ruining the Life of Youth

PUBG mobile game addiction is ruining the life of the youth. Here is how it is messing with their personal and professional life:

Hindrance in Studies

Students addicted to PUBG spend most of their time playing this game. They neglect their studies. Even when they are forced to study by their parents or teachers they are unable to concentrate. This is because playing the game continually slows down brain activity and decreases the attention span. It also lowers the ability to grasp things. Research shows that students addicted to PUBG are seeing a dip in their academic performance.

Hampers Work

Just like the students, the working professionals addicted to PUBG mobile games are also ruining their lives. Instead of concentrating on their careers, they are hooked to PUBG. They are unable to think beyond winning this game. Many working professionals take leaves, half-day, delay submission of projects, miss important meetings and neglect their job responsibilities because of PUBG addiction. They also portray unprofessional behavior that hampers their career growth.

Ruins Personal Relationships

PUB mobile game addiction is also ruining personal relationships. People addicted to PUBG spend most of their time playing the game. The time they should spend with their family and friends is taken away by this addiction. This strains personal relationships and causes a lot of stress.


PUBG mobile addiction is thus hampering people’s personal as well as professional life. The problem should be taken seriously and addressed before it is too late.


Essay on PUBG Mobile Game Addiction: Impact on Brain Function (400 Words)


Video game addiction has recently been recognized as a mental health disorder by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many people suffered from video game addiction and spent a good number of hours playing these games on gaming consoles, around a decade back.

With the increasing number of smartphone users and the growing number of interesting and engaging mobile games, this addiction is now being seen in a vast number of people living in various parts of the world. PUBG mobile game is one of the worst addictions among the players.

Harmful Effects of PUBG on the Brain Function

Here are the harmful effects of PUBG on the brain function:

Anger and Aggression Issues

PUBG is full of violence. Players are required to shoot other players in order to survive and emerge, winner. Those addicted to PUBG think about shooting and causing harm to other players for the most part of the day as they spend most of their time playing this game. Their brain gets conditioned in a way that even they aren’t playing the game, these thoughts are still there. This is reflected in their behavior. They grow extremely aggressive and get angry at almost everything.

Slowed Brain Activity

PUBG mobile addiction is damaging to the brain. The brain activity of PUBG mobile addicts slows down. They are not able to think rationally and concentrate on the task at hand. They constantly wish to go back to the game and win it. It is hampering people’s decision making ability and decreasing their power to grasp and retain information.

Serious Mental Health Issues

PUBG mobile addiction poses the risk of serious mental health issues. Young kids addicted to this game are at a high risk of developing dementia as they age. PUBG addicts are also likely to suffer from other neurological illnesses such as depression, Alzheimer and schizophrenia. All these illnesses are serious and can take years to heal. Besides, there is always a chance of relapse.

Anti Social Tendency

Those addicted to PUBG also develop anti-social tendencies. They miss special family events as well as important business meetings. They are least interested in socializing and making new friends. They even lose interest in their existing friends and avoid interaction with their family members. All they ever want to do is play PUBG. They often become socially awkward and isolated.


PUBG mobile game is highly addictive. It is said to be worse than drug addiction. The impact it has on the brain is almost irreversible. It is essential to get rid of it at the earliest to get back to normal life.


Essay on PUBG Mobile Game Addiction – It is Highly Risky (500 Words)


PUBG is a multiplayer battle royale game. It is inspired by the Japanese movie, Battle Royale released back in 2000. It is an exciting and engaging game in which one hundred players land on an island. They hunt for weapons to kill other players while protecting themselves from getting killed.

As the game progresses, the safe area in the game decreases. The game becomes more and more challenging and intense and the urge to win completely takes over the players. The player left at the end wins. The game is highly addictive and this addiction is harming people around the world.

Impact on Physical Health

PUBG mobile game addiction can prove to be bad for a person’s physical health. A person needs to exercise, eat healthy food and take adequate sleep in order to stay physically fit and healthy. When a person gets addicted to PUBG mobile games, all he ever wishes to do is play this game.

PUBG addicts spend several hours a day playing this game. Research shows that they are so addicted to this game that they keep playing it until late evening hours and sometimes even all night long. This disrupts their sleep pattern which can cause numerous health issues.

PUBG addicts even forget to eat. They do not mind skipping their meals as they are gripped to the game. This causes deficiencies of various kinds and weakens physical health. It can result in many serious illnesses. Besides, gaming addiction gives way to a sedentary lifestyle.

People addicted to this game avoid exercising and any other kind of physical activity. They sit for long hours playing the game. This causes health issues such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Playing on the mobile for a long time also weakens a person’s eyesight. Such people suffer from itchy eyes or redness in the eyes. They also complain of frequent headaches. Many of them develop chronic migraines.

Appeal to Ban PUBG Mobile Game

An appeal has been made to ban PUBG as more and more people are getting addicted to it with every passing day. The negative impact of this addiction is known to all. It is difficult to overcome this addiction. It has been observed that as long as the game is available online, PUBG addicts are likely to return to it even as they try hard to get over it.

National Child Rights Commission suggested a ban on this game due to its violent nature and its negative impact on children. The Students Association has blamed this game for the poor performance of students in school. Some cities in India have banned this game. The police have even arrested people playing PUBG in these cities. However, the ban was soon lifted. Other countries that banned PUBG include China, Jordan, Iraq, and Nepal.


PUBG mobile addiction is a growing concern around the world. It is giving rise to numerous problems among individuals and is impacting society adversely. The game must be banned permanently and should not be available for download. This step may cause withdrawal symptoms among PUBG addicts. However, it will prove to be good for them in the long run.


Long Essay on PUBG Mobile Game Addiction – Essay 5 (600 Words)


PUBG is one of the most loved mobile games in current times. It is also one of the most dangerous games around as it is highly addictive. Millions of people across the globe are addicted to this shooting game. This addiction is taking a toll on their lives and also affecting those related to them. PUBG mobile addiction is bad for a person’s mental, physical as well as social well being.

PUBG Known for Extreme Violence

Just like other shooting games, PUBG is also known for extreme violence. The entire game is about killing other players in order to stay on the top. Not just the ones playing this game but also those merely watching it for hours are impacted by the violence shown in the game. Excessive violence shown in PUBG is known to promote hateful and aggressive thoughts and emotions. The game has given rise to behavioral problems, especially among kids.

Ways to Deal with PUBG Mobile Game Addiction/Solutions

While it is difficult to overcome PUBG mobile game addiction, one can overcome it with some effort. Here are some of the ways to overcome PUBG mobile game addiction.

  • Set a Time for Gaming

It is important to set a time during which you will play the game. As you try to get rid of this addiction, you can start by playing the game for two-three hours a day. There are apps that alert you when you exceed the time set for playing a particular game. Make use of these apps and make sure you turn off the game as you get the time out an alert. You can gradually decrease the number of hours.

  • Identify and Avoid the Triggers

There may be certain things that may trigger your urge to play PUBG. This can be anything like being alone at home or a boring assignment or an argument with your loved ones. You need to identify these triggers and avoid these in order to bar the urge to play PUBG.

  • Spend Time with Family

There is nothing more fulfilling and relaxing than spending time with your family. Try to spend more and more time with them. Talk to them, listen to all that they have to say, indulge in activities you love doing together, help them with their tasks and see how fast you recover from the PUBG addiction.

  • Go Out with Friends

As you try to get rid of PUBG mobile game, you will have to look for different alternatives that keep you engaged and take your mind off the game. One of the best ways is to plan outings with friends. Call your friends over or go out with them to have a good time and suppress the urge to play PUBG.

  • Involve in Other Activities

It is a good idea to involve yourself in an activity of your choice. It can be jogging, skating, painting, gardening, dancing or anything you like. Indulge in such activities for an hour or two each day to keep yourself occupied and stay away from the game. These activities should serve as a good replacement for your toxic addiction.

  • View Motivational Videos

It is also a good idea to view motivational videos as you try to get rid of PUBG addiction. You will find many motivational and inspirational videos online. These videos will help strengthen your will power. You are likely to feel more determined to leave your addiction as you see such videos. These videos can also motivate you to work hard to improve your grades at school or performance at work.


While PUBG addicts aren’t paying much heed to the negative impact, this addiction is having on their lives, they wouldn’t be able to overlook its long term consequences. It is essential to leave this addiction while there is still time. The above-mentioned points can help in treating the same.

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