Preface :
Labor is one of the most important qualities of human life | Some of her own life would not have to do some work | No one can not live without in your life |
All were asked to life your – your work | In this world no one is not a man who can do the same work | Animals with him, birds and other germs have to look hard to spend your life | When a person will achieve nothing in life can overcome its many problems |
importance of hard work
work | Every man will not work, it will not be her drink Khana- and other things | His life live will be difficult |
Man himself will not work he shall rise never before in my life | The advancement in their life and development will permit | In today’s world, as the country reached the highest level |
The life of every person without labor in vain | A person who is lazy, he asserts never succeeded in your life |

Win labor
Anyone who does work much in his life that reaches its pinnacle | Always prevail logos diligence | In our culture we have written it to – “Truth always wins’ | This means to win labor | Man makes himself by his work to achieve success in your life |
Advantages of labor
There are many advantages to working in a man’s life | The life of labor funds and Vijay joins two things | Who receive a lot in my life and man work |
They are your life is short – earns money by shortening work | People have to earn money by doing that hard people are much less money and are slowly – slowly wealthy |

Who are hard-working person, independent and honest that people can be successful in your life | If we have a lot of work must be some development in his life and country | Anyone who does a lot of work in life is his life health |

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