Our India this country with diversity and culture | In our country there are other religions and is inhabited | The different – different cultures and languages ​​in this country, we are bound together in all those threads unity |
Always ready to maintain the country’s unity and integrity | Integration It is an additional power |
Sense of unity –
sense of unity, notwithstanding the different views and different beliefs in various components in the country love for all people, unity and brotherhood Banke | Also having a sense all say ‘unity’ |
When we will all be united, we will continue to strengthen | If unity we may be able to face any problem |
Importance of Unity
Unity it is a potent force | Integration sacrifice and promotes the works of Valor | Integration builds confidence in people |

Unity gives inspiration to move forward on the path of advancement for all people | It offers encouragement and inspiration to both society and the individual in | There appears to be unity in every sphere of life |
If the spirit of
many languages ​​to meet their interests are and standing walls in Religion | Because of breaking the unity of the country | If any are spreading violence in society by making an issue of something that would impact on cohesion |
Unity in the country seems to be scattering | Therefore, any person should not be selfish in your mind |

Unity is the hallmark of our country | Children about unity are also taught | If no one meets the person’s life, the world can become a better place |

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