Preface :
The country played a lot of games in the country | Everyone who plays the game of your choice | If a cricket, a kabaddi are like any football game | My favorite sports – Badminton |
Badminton This game is my favorite | I badminton game i play with my siblings | As soon as I was not big so I thought to attract more game | Badminton is physical exercise play |
History of badminton
Badminton game first played by English soldiers were | The game’s start was in the 1 9th century | Sun 1 9 game 34 is played in many countries |
Our India was also added to this game Sun 1 9 36 | In our country also began to be played this game |

Badminton creation of the game
badminton game played between two people | Badminton is a rectangular field of play is fastened net in between her | There are two sides stand different team |
When the game is played then they get points from dropping the shuttlecock in the other team’s court | Which team receives more points | He is the team win |
Badminton important object for play
requires two rackets and shuttlecocks for play badminton | Shuttlecock is also called Bird | It is made from feathers shuttlecocks Bird | This is not no more rules to play the game |
Badminton It is considered a good game | Badminton sport men and women both people play | Badminton The game should play together in the Takd and enthusiasm | Badminton It should encourage children to play sports |

This game is mental and physical development of play | It is played for the Sports Entertainment | All this game does play Why should healthy body to play this game |

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