Preface :
Such as the country’s military service is the same doctor to protect the health of every patient | The doctor treats the sick people | In every person’s life well – pain always comes |
In this world many people away at the sorrow of others | The doctor is the one who take good care of sick people and free them from diseases | In our society doctors are respected |
Service of human life
human Services considered a tradition in India | Every culture is considered good enough to serve human | In this country, doctors are called to different place | Your country is more and more doctors in the country |
Doctor in the village, are employed in hospitals in the city and in the clinic | Many doctors do ill to take care of starting clinic here | Life of the doctor goes in to serve human |

government hospital
there is a lot of government Asptale country | There pay a lot of services available | Is now available services in all government hospitals in the world |
Doctors in public hospitals are required to work long hours during the operation | So they frequently than he has to take patients |
the boon of life
no one is going to pass him when he doctor for more sick and then up to the treatment he gets completely cured |
He again gets a new life | Doctor gives dropped him again | The doctor is very big favor |

Doctor need
To obtain doctor’s degree is required, they have to work hard |

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