Preface :
Duck is an aquatic bird | Duck is so much in the water | That is my whole life spent in the water | This pond is visible in the lake and river | Duck is found in different colors | It is a beautiful bird |
Species of ducks
inhabits several species of ducks | There are 40 species of ducks in the World | There are some species live in the cold waters of Antarctica | Duck is the smallest creatures |
Looks very small duck View | Her wings are also very small | Duck Srwahri and that aquatic plants, insects – Mkode and fish eats | In your country have so much white visible Duck |

Duck’s Anatomy
duck legs claws do great help to live like lattice and swim in water | Duck when speaking Quack Quack extracts a voice | Duck’s neck is too short |
Follow the Duck
There are also many people follow duck | There is a huge demand for meat and eggs of ducks in the country | So many people kept the Btkho |
There is a duck not fly | Duck is small and very beautiful bird | Three drooping duck is also |

Duck is a very beautiful bird that appears in water | It is a small bird |

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