Preface :
Computer is a machine | Its use in today’s world is too much | Human helps move | The computer is able to work in every area |
To work in the office, such as mobile recharge, to fill the light bill and useful computer for other tasks | Human life has become a very important thing | Computer Creation
Creation of the first computer in the world Charles Babbage has | The computer is also known as (Computer) |
Balancing computer
computer UPS, CPU, printer, mouse and the board – it is all things Help | This act, which all help |
Suitability computer
Computer to keep track of anything | Computer crafted lots of Design | To keep accounts in different banks have used computer |
benefits of computer
computer we can fill light bill |
Online purchases can be |
The computer can e-mail or instant messaging to each other |

Through computer we can very easily all the functions of the Bank |
Is using police computers to keep records of Gunhegari logo |
All areas used computer |
is the computer or be Internet laptop we can watch the movie by and hear songs | The computer is a tool of entertainment | Computer or entertainment of all people through the laptop | Many also see the video and be entertained young people | When at home Light does not remain can see the laptop on Recreational Program |
Use computers in today’s era is pretty much the same mounting | Computer has developed in many areas | Use man began his life |

Computers spread today is thought to be much in the country | So by no means the computer is working, he is thought to be very easy | Today’s era of computers is considered the era |

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