Preface :
God has made different anatomy of male and female | Both of these are so different made it possible to proceed in both worlds | But rape such problems have to be forced to woman | The rape joins several reports hear on TV |
Such an event occurs over a number not stated Location | The woman is also not independent in ancient and modern times | The woman said the place could there not be alone | Man’s act is like a lot of toughness |
The little girls and women are raped by the gang | Taking advantage of a force of girl gets raped Uspe |
Illiterate people
are illiterate and barbaric | He serves Gunhegari tendencies such as rape | The raped over women and the girl he has a poor house or middle class |
Men logo should protect women | But uneducated or ill-bred people exploit place to protect |

The rape
men’s mounting stress can also cause a rape | Intoxication is a thinking very distorted | Man drunk can do anything | When the man then drunk he’s not himself know what he does in the state |
Intoxication is the way of him on the wrong side | Man that Vkt woman appears as a victim | There has been exposed many cases of all rape |
Female Weakness
will try all sorts of each woman to his defense and security | A woman should be physically strong | The mind must be strong for her |
So lonely woman when are afraid they have to face such problems | Everyone should have a woman in confidence |
It must have the courage to face every difficulty | When will work every single woman dares so there can not even compete with the confidence of men and women |

Each woman will Ldna courageously all problems | She will resist the equality of men |

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