Each person is required to house to stay | So is the house of my own, with each person | Home is a good place | Every person who loves his home |
If someone’s house a small house grows | But everyone – it is very much in love with your home | So home a loving, caring and mail each other – has been considered necklace solder |

Suite is the most beautiful | I have my house lot | In my house everyone is the adulation and love | My home is the largest home |
In my house grandfather – grandmother, uncle – aunt, mother – father, brother and a boy and girl and so’s uncle. People live | My house looks too large |
Household composition
has been my home made separate – separate room for logo | A room with one of these rooms they worship Home | Our grandfather worship God every day | In my house there is a small library |

My grandfather was very fond of reading books | So he was laid to read very beautiful books for us |
The beauty of the garden
is a huge courtyard in front of my house | A basil in the courtyard has been engaged tree Maiya | That tree is worshiped every day | My house has a small garden out |
Other types in the garden of Flora | Is engaged beautiful flowers and green grass in the garden | The garden is beautiful and so increased my house | All those plants in my house have water every day |
I have my house feels so good | I get a lot of love from my house | All the people I love |

From our house we get a lot of fun | We have our home a happy world for all | So I am proud of my house | Suite is the sweet home |

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