Preface :
Fuel is a source | Its use in human life | Many in my country people in different tasks using fuel | There are different types of fuel | There are also human fuel environment |
Such as gasoline, Dijel, wood, kerosene, coal it all fuel | Their use is on a separate | Uses the fuel in the human individual tasks in your life |
Suitable fuels in life
Petrol and diesel
lots use of gasoline and Dijel people car, bus, bike and scooter | Gasoline and diesel are thought to be very much in the world to produce both fuel Today | Gasoline and diesel are quite expensive fuel | Its use today are thought to be |

Gas / wood use
to make a lot of food using wood or gas | Cooking, water used for gas and other things to bake |
Man wood comes from fuel natural | Its use destroys the environment to human in your life and Wood |
Production of fuel
is used to produce a variety of fuel in India | several gas India Assam area also appear |
The gas field is also visible in Gujarat | Crude petroleum and natural type of fuel reserves in the country | Here are found in many types of fuel | Arunachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the fuel of many kinds on elsewhere |

Fuels are very important in our lives | Use it will have to handle | These should not be misused to fuel | As for the production of fuel much needed | We all need to reduce fuel use and should Bchake for posterity |

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