In today’s life, man requires a lot of entertainment | The logo is to be fed to work every day and need it fun to stay away from concerns |
Picnic is the best way to get in the liberation | We should make plans to picnic with time |
All people become bored by work every day because they make plans to go on a picnic | Many people go for a picnic on a place in the natural, so many mountainous areas or parks |
I had been in my family garden for picnics | At that time the weather was so beautiful | And the cloudy sky | My whole family were taking a lot of fun this season |
Preparation picnic
we went at 10am to go on a picnic | We logo stuff and drink to eat on the picnic, play equipment and mat were to |

In that day the garden was a lot of people come | There are meetings we all had a lot of things and the water of the canal we took showers |
Shortly after my mother had put food for everyone | After dinner we people who sat down for a while |
then we started playing badminton | A team mom and I and other team parents and my sister | We were playing badminton in the evening |
5 pm started to rain and we were ready to go home and collect all the stuff | Out of the car on the way we all enjoyed the rain and they sang all together singing | We all get home – access was quite dark | Enjoyed all the many picnic |

When it comes to fun, then we go on a picnic | But that day is always remembered | Very good-looking beauty of nature | Picnic every one minute entertaining | For the picnic is a lot of fun happiness to all people |

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