Preface :
Day Rainbow rain appears in the sky | Rainbow are called (Rainbow) in English | Sun Persian about First Rainbow 1236 astronomer told Siraji Qutb al-Din |
Rainbow Body of man look to get positive energy | Rainbow always appears in seven colors | It is also known as the swing of seven colors |
Seven colors of the rainbow
Rainbow red, yellow, green, Naringi, blue and light blue, purple, it consists of seven colors are made | Rainbow View contains a combination of sun and rain |
Bow it Indra called Why Indra understand god of rain Dev | Rainbow this goal appears to come |

Rainbow How does
then Rainbow day fall on the rain Bunde sun rays that crossed eyes appear |
When times get rain drops made her image and do many corners Kirne Sun and Rainbow is ready | Kirne sun are scattered in seven colors |
Rainbow importance
looks pretty good when the rainbow appears rainy day | All children who are happy to see the rainbow | Over the rainbow have been a lot of verse |
The literature has also been introduced rainbow of colors in the great importance of the rainbow | It is about the teach young children People at school |

In the rainy season it is a scene with a beautiful view | It feels great in the rainy season to see the rainbow |

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