Preface :
India is one of the main festival of all festivals in the country | This festival is also called Rakhi Purnima | This festival is celebrated every year Shravan month |
This festival comes in July and August | Raksha Bandhan festival festival siblings | This festival of India are observed not only in the country believe that the festival in the whole world |
Preparation of Raksha Bandhan
on this day sisters apply tilak on the forehead of his brother then bind her wrists on Rakhi | After applying tilak sister takes off Arti his brother | Later he feeds sweets to their brothers and sisters give gift to each other |
On this day, all the sisters are at your brother’s house | If someone’s brother lives off his sister send Rakhi mail for him |
On this day, sisters fasts for his brother | Then eat all people | Sister prays for the long life of your brother | Many also thread binds the Lord this day |

Bond of love
necklace love this festival siblings | The brothers are growing love between sister | This brother and sister are considered a love relationship | He is known fastened by a thread |
Importance of Rakhi
thread a relationship where the sister protects your brother | Both the brothers and sisters promise to each other that we will always protect each other |
Everyone thread binds each other | Rakhi tied it in pre-existing tradition | In countries still celebrate the good tradition | This day is very important to thread |

The festival throughout India are celebrated every happiness in the country | Raksha Bandhan festival are the hallmarks of our culture | This festival serves to increase the feeling of love in society |

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