Essays on Virat Kohli – read here Virat Kohli Essay In Hindi

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Preface :
In this country there are so many great cricketers | One he has – Virat Kohli | Virat Kohli It is well-known cricket team | Virat Kohli became the major player in this country in a very short time |
Life Virat Kohli
was born Nov. 5 L 9 88 Punjabi family in Delhi | Was Virat Kohli’s father loved Kohli | His father was a good lawyer | His mother’s name was Sroh Kohli | He also has an older brother and sister |
Virat Kohli massive recruitment of education in public schools | His father cricket training is their great assistance | He used to play cricket with his father since childhood |
Virat Kohli was very interested in Cricket | As his father did his admission Cricket Academy of Delhi | His father was the greatest support for his |

Career start
Virat Kohli is also the captain of the Indian team | He is also a the International Indian cricketers | Royal Challengers captain of Bangalore Virat Kohli (IPL) | He started his career in the International against Sri Lanka after a few days |
Virat Kohli was one of the World Cup team as in 2011 | Virat Kohli was in 2013, in Australia and South Africa, he completed a century hence they are called “one-day-specialist ‘|
They have been Snmanit many awards | Virat Kohli has been awarded them Arjuna to perform well in the International Player of 2013 by the ICC player and BCCI in 2012 |

Kohli had a good player | They named the country due to its good performance is high | They were good players of a team |

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Essays on Virat Kohli - read here Virat Kohli Essay In Hindi

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