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Global warming solutions are very necessary to be discussed and followed by everyone for the wellness of our environment and health. It should be discussed among people especially schools students because they are the future and can easily understand and solve the problems related to global warming. As we know that global warming refers to the increase in the earth’s surface temperature, over a permissible limit. The factors responsible for this temperature rise are mostly the greenhouse gases released as pollutants in several human activities.

Essay on Global Warming Solutions


Essay 1 (250 words)

We need to control the effects of global warming which require a meaningful discussion and positive action-oriented habits. Earth’s surface temperature is rising day by day continuously without taking rest. It is very tough to reduce the effects of global warming however not impossible. Our regular and get together effort may make it possible to get control over global warming.

Threats of global warming such as the melting of glaciers, climate change, rising sea level, droughts, deadly storm events, epidemic diseases, lost endangered species, etc are increasing. We should use energy-efficient products means the products which use less energy such as fluorescent bulbs instead of common bulbs.

The use of nuclear energy may reduce the level of carbon emission and thus global warming to a great extent. We should reduce the burning of fossil fuels (wood or coal) by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels in order to reduce carbon emissions. We never forget to switch off the bulbs, fans, and other electric devices whenever leave the room because such devices generate heat and cause global warming.

Deforestation should be stopped on an urgent basis in order to improve the absorption of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and reduce the effect of global warming. We should promote more new plantations among the common public. We should explore the renewable sources of energy and use public transportation instead of personal. There is a need for more research and development in order to create low carbon technologies to reduce carbon emissions.


Essay 2 (300 words)

Reducing the level of heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere is the big step towards reducing global warming. Use of energy-efficient products by properly understanding that which practice generates more carbon. We should make our choices climate-friendly which helps us to save money and energy. Following all the measures set to tackle global warming very strictly may help us to get control over it. Making our homes airtight may help us in reducing our need for cooling in summer or heating in winter which ultimately reduces heat generation and absorption by the atmosphere thus control global warming.

We should generally avoid eating things which take more time and heat to cook such as chicken, meat, and beef. Another individual means to contribute to the reduction of global warming is the use of public transport instead of personal transport or carpooling method is also good. The use of a programmable thermostat is also a nice option to reduce heating and cooling emissions by 15% percent. Everyone should use power strips whether at home or office or home entertainment centers. Upgrading of the refrigerators and air conditioners is also necessary after every five or six years. The use of an electricity monitor in the home or office is also the best method to track and reduce electricity use.

Changing light bulbs taking more energy than the bulbs taking less energy is good for reducing global warming. Other options are washing clothes using normal tap water instead of hot water. The habit of reusing and recycling things is a very good option to combat pollution and global warming. Policymakers should make new, effective and strict policies towards global warming so that everyone can follow strictly. Another effective method is the use of word of mouth techniques to create awareness among the common public about solutions to global warming.


Essay 3 (400 words)

It is a very challenging task for us to control global warming however not impossible. Awareness programs in the field of reducing global warming may help a lot to the people. Control over this big threat is possible but needs more effort from the end of every person living on this planet. It needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the safer levels which can be possible through some changes in the personal lifestyle. It may reduce the carbon impact which is considered as one of the dangerous greenhouse gases.

It needs to eliminate the burning of fossil fuels, oil, coal, natural gases, etc. It is quite a daunting challenge however possible within the reach of human beings. Reducing the dependence overuse of fossil fuels may solve the problems to a great level. The practice of using alternatives such as plant-derived plastics, wind power, biodiesel, etc should be done. Control over transportation is another big hand towards the reduction of global warming because the means of transportation alone contribute to the high-level emission of greenhouse gas. According to the statistics, it is noted that the burning of a single gallon of gasoline creates around 20 pounds of carbon dioxide gas. CO2).

Airplanes are the fastest-growing source of emitting greenhouse gases on a daily basis which is very tough to control. In order to effectively control the release of greenhouse gases we just buy less stuff and try to reuse and recycle things. Good and efficient driving is also the best trick to reduce the release of harmful gases causing the earth’s surface temperature to rise. The use of more efficient electric devices, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other appliances may reduce the warming effect. Following good habits like turn off the lights, TV, fans or other electric devices when not in use may also cut the level of greenhouse gases.

Cutting of trees and deforestation should be stopped on an urgent basis because plants are the main source of refreshing air and consuming CO2 from the atmosphere. New tree plantation should be promoted among the public with the complete description so that they may understand better. According to the statistic, it is noted that around 33 million acres of the forests are cutting down per year. It is very simple to imagine the condition of the atmosphere in the absence of plants or continuously reducing the number of plants at such a fast rate. People should buy energy-efficient electric gadgets to reduce the use of energy and prevent greenhouse gas emissions and thus global warming.

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