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Water is life. Every living being on Earth needs water to survive. Plants need water to fetch nutrients from the soil and stay nourished, animals need water to quench their thirst and human beings require water for several purposes including drinking, cooking, cleaning, and washing to name a few. Water also serves as a habitat for various creatures. Our planet is filled generously with water. Thus, all the mentioned needs are being taken care of since centuries.

Long and Short Essay on Importance of Water


Essay on Important Uses of Water (250 Words)


Water is available in abundance on Earth. It is one of the main reasons which make life possible on our planet. Available from different sources, water is an essential requirement for all living beings. It is used for various purposes by human beings. Here are some of the important uses of water.

Different Uses of Water

  • Drinking: Drinking water is vital for the survival of living beings. So, one of the main uses of water is drinking.
  • Cooking: Water is also used for the purpose of cooking. Many recipes such as lentils, rice, soups, etc require water. Besides, even the vegetables and fruits that do not require added water for preparation need to be washed thoroughly before eating/ cooking.
  • Cleaning: Whether it is cleaning a house, office, car, machinery or anything for that matter, it is not possible without using water. All the cleaning tasks require water.
  • Washing: Water is also required for the purpose of washing clothes, utensils, and various other things.
  • Sanitation: Water is also required for the purpose of sanitation. It helps in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Agriculture: A major share of water on Earth is used for the purpose of agriculture. It is mainly used for irrigating the farms to keep the land fertile and ensure adequate supply to the crops. It is also used for rearing livestock.
  • Industries: Industries use water for various purposes. The manufacturing of many products requires water. It is used in the transportation, fabrication, and processing of various products. Some of the industries that need a good amount of water include pulp and paper and engineering industries.


Water is used for different purposes in homes and offices. It is as essential for other living beings as it is for humans. It is one of the main reasons we are alive. It is impossible to imagine life without water.


Essay on Importance of Water: Water Cycle (400 words)


Water is present in the solid, liquid and gaseous forms on Earth. All three forms of water are essential to maintain our planet’s ecological balance. Water is in high demand as it is used for various purposes. Fortunately, we have many sources of water including seas, rivers, oceans, and rain. Water replenishes itself naturally and constantly by way of water cycle thereby maintaining balance in the atmosphere.

Why is Water Cycle Important?

Water is needed for the survival of living beings. Be it plants, animals or human beings – all three require water. While plants and animals mainly require water for the purpose of drinking or as habitat, human beings use water for several purposes. Water would have long vanished from the face of Earth if the process of the water cycle hasn’t existed.

The process of the water cycle involves different steps. These are evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, and surface runoff. Water evaporates from different sources including oceans, seas, and rivers due to the sun’s heat. Water vapors rise into the atmosphere. Slowly these vapors cool down and condense to form clouds.

When a large number of vapors join together, the cloud becomes heavier and falls in the form of rain. This way the waterfalls back on the surface of Earth. It gets accumulated in rivers, lakes, oceans, layers of rocks and soil. This completes the process of the water cycle. The water collected in oceans and other water bodies once again evaporates and the entire cycle reoccurs. This is an ongoing process. The water cycle also impacts the weather condition on Earth. The cycling of water in the atmosphere regulates the weather patterns.

Important Sources of Water

Sources of water have broadly been divided into two categories:

Surface Water: This is found in rivers, lakes, streams, seas, oceans, and reservoirs. The downpour from the clouds and the melting of snow from the mountains fill the rivers and the lakes. Rivers flow continually and meet the sea. The seawater flows into the ocean. Surface water evaporates and enables the water cycle process.

Ground Water: Groundwater is present under the Earth’s surface. Water seeps under the land via porous rocks and soil. This water gets stored under the Earth’s surface and is extracted by digging wells and constructing tube wells.


The water cycle makes sure the lost water is replenished on the planet and is available in abundance for all the living beings. If this process did not occur naturally we would not have sufficient water on our planet.


Essay on Importance of Water – An Essential Part of Our Life (500 words)


Water is an essential part of our ecological system. It is one of the main substances that make our planet fit for living. Water is essential for the growth and development of plants and animals. We use water directly as well as indirectly for many of our needs.

Water – An Essential Part of the Human Body

Research shows that up to 60% of the human body is made of water. Our lungs are around 83% water, our muscles and kidneys are 79% water, our brain and heart are 73% water, our skin contains 64% water and our bones have 31% water. Water helps in several functions of the body including blood circulation, digestion, regulating body temperature, protecting tissues and joints and excreting waste via perspiration, defecation, and urination.

Our body continually uses water to perform these functions. So, we need to provide a continuous supply of water to our body to help it function well. It is important to replenish the lost water timely.

Water – Vital for Plant Growth

Plants prepare their food by way of photosynthesis. Water forms an essential part of this process. As we water the plants, it enters their stem and moves up to their leaves. It draws nutrients from the soil and carries them to the leaves. Photosynthesis takes place in the leaves. The water present in the leaves evaporates and is exchanged for carbon dioxide.

Without the proper supply of water, the plants do not get enough nutrients and photosynthesis cannot take place. As a result, the plants begin to droop and fall. Different kinds of plants require different amounts of water at different times. While some plants need to be watered twice a day others require water once a week while there are yet others that can go weeks without water especially during the cold and moist season.

Water – Habitat for Marine Creatures

Water serves as a home for marine creatures. A wide variety of fishes, turtles, frogs, crabs, and other marine creatures live in seas, oceans, and rivers. These water bodies are their habitat. Most marine creatures live solely in water and cannot survive on land. They add to the biodiversity and are an essential part of the ecosystem.

The increase in the level of water pollution is causing a threat to these beautiful and innocent creatures. Many species of beautiful marine creatures have either gone extinct or are endangered. Water pollution is caused due to various human activities. It needs to be controlled in order to provide a safe and healthy habitat for marine creatures.


Water is vital to the survival of living beings. Even as water recycles naturally, the amount of freshwater on Earth is depleting fast. This is all because of the negligence of human beings. We use water for several purposes throughout the day. But we aren’t using it efficiently. We waste it more than we use it. This is the reason why water is decreasing at a rapid speed. It is high time we must use water wisely and limit the activities that pollute it.


Long Essay on Importance of Water (600 words)


Water is among the most essential substances on Earth. Two third of Earth is covered with water; however, only a small part of it is freshwater which is fit for human use. The growing pollution is polluting the freshwater too, thereby making it unfit for any kind of use. Besides, the freshwater available for use is often wasted during various activities. This has become a global cause of concern. It is time we should understand the importance of water and try to save it.

Conversation of Water

In this era of growing water pollution, we need to watch out our activities. Freshwater is getting scanty mainly due to two reasons. One of these is the increasing level of water pollution caused due to industrial waste and various other human activities and the other is the continuous wastage of water by people around the world.

We must conserve water otherwise it will become difficult for us to survive on Earth in the times to come. Water is essential to maintain the ecological balance and create an atmosphere that is appropriate for us to survive. It is also needed for drinking, cooking, cleaning, irrigating the fields and various other activities. We need to save water and put it to correct use.

Methods to Conserve Water

There are many ways in which we can conserve water. Several activities that we indulge in our daily lives can be done differently to save water. Here is a look at these:

  • We often keep the tap on while we brush our teeth. This results in a lot of wastage of water. Turn the tap on only when you require it, else keep it off. A lot of water that goes down the drain unnecessarily will be saved this way. Practice the same while washing your hands as well.
  • It is best to use a bucket while bathing as a lot of water is wasted while taking a shower. Or you can keep a tub under the shower when you don’t require water while taking a shower. This water can be used for watering the plants or flushing.
  • The wastewater from RO can be collected in a bucket and used to water the plants or for cleaning purposes. You can also do the same with the water left after boiling potatoes, noodles and pasta. This water is hot and can very well be used for cleaning oily and greasy utensils.
  • Water the plants during the evening or early morning hours so that the water is absorbed properly and does not get evaporated fast. This way you will require less water for watering the plants.
  • Do not make use of water to defrost food items.
  • Instead of using a pipe to wash your car, it is suggested to use a bucket and wet cloth. You can also get it washed regularly from a car wash service that uses recycled water for this purpose.
  • Rainwater harvesting is a good way to store water and to put it to good use.
  • Install water-efficient appliances such as low flow bathroom fixtures, sink systems, dishwashers, and washing machines and use them wisely to save water. For instance, make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are completely loaded before you turn them on.
  • Do not neglect any leakage in your kitchen, bathroom or any other part of your house. Get it fixed immediately to avoid wastage of water.
  • Using less electricity is an indirect way to save water. This is because power plants use several gallons of water.


Conservation of water must be taken seriously. The government of every country should restrict activities that result in water pollution and wastage of fresh water and the citizens must provide complete support in this direction.  Each one of us should realize the importance of water and take it as our responsibility to use the simple ways mentioned above to conserve water.

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