Preface :
Climate change means are changed to different types of climatic conditions and composition | Climate change is caused by different reasons | The impact of climate change is the nature | Climate change is happening for many years |
A lot of change in the entire environment are affected by natural causes | Said the pressure on natural components Environment | Inequality such as solar radiation, volcanic eruptions are post impact of e. Components |
Effects on forests
play a very big role to keep the balance of the forest environment | One is to absorb carbon dioxide and to get oxygen to every man |
The environment has been destroyed many species of trees due to the many changes | The tree and the extinction of plant biodiversity is becoming less |

Impact on Polar Area
changing climate change the result is the polar location | If the change will always be completely destroyed life on the polar area in the coming years would be on the same |
Water effects
is a huge influence on all our water system due to the effect of climate change | This is changing with the changing weather patterns caused by rain and getting different place on the building flooding | And many places have to be happy |
Effects on Wildlife
tiger because of changing change, African elephants, Asian Gendo and polar bear it all the wild animals the number is decreasing |
Climate change is happening over the impact animals and they are unable to face | So it is being destroyed species of animals |

The impact due to climate change is happening so much environmental pe |

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