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My school is very big | The school’s most famous school of my town | Building the schools are the largest | My school has three Mjla building | My class room ground floor | I read in the class of the class are very beautiful |
My Classroom
My Classroom biggest . This room has engaged four fans | Which are sufficient for all students | In my class are very comes pretty air | My classroom wall are portraits of great individuals, Himalayan View |
Teacher’s desk on the stage (table), chair and placed a black board | There was a Almira to use teachers | My classroom was decorated with kites and other images | A smart board in our class was imposed | Every day is kept neat and clean |

We all student classes are every day clean – clean | In my classroom with other pictures – with clasped large map of India |
Administrative block
the administrative block to a distance of my class | There are two very large hallway | Two doors to block cross ventilation definitely | These walls are also a large window in |
The importance of education
were mixed for my classroom other students | Dull people hate it | Which are fancier to student learning, they prefer him |
Never – ever students who do not study and others not to study | They do not understand the importance of student learning and they later have to regret in your life |

I feel very good and choice are its orbit |

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