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Every such a life requires parents | Likewise all people’s lives need a friend | More everyone plays the best role in one’s life |
Every single person has a friend | But who is the most lovely friends have relied Uspe more | Best friends as well as our joys and sorrows |
Importance in life
friend is the feeling of love in our lives, love and respect | Every single person without a friend is a life incomplete |
A true friend does with a friend in every trouble | He removes our difficulties | Friend’s perfect life |
Dear friend
Amar my dear friend’s name | We both always together | He sometimes comes to our house | My friend has become a part of my family | It remains to mingle in our family |

My mother speaks see me, did your best friend | My friend is very good talk with my whole family and also fun fun | My friend gives me all the happiness and sorrows with me |
My friend is the fastest in the study | My friend’s nature is my favorite | He does not pay much attention to other things without education |
He does full concentration on their studies | My admiration of friends is my teacher | She works very hard to fulfill their dreams |
My friend is made beautiful pictures | All he had made the picture much like | He has received awards in Sprdha to Citraka |
He always gives me good advice | All my friends talk to me very motivated | I am also wants to be a good person like that in your life |

My friends life is good and needed a friend | To say, a true friend gifts given by God | I am proud of my friendship | We will not remain forever their friendship and she never finished |

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