We family is most important to grow all the people in this country and stay safe | Family life is very important | The person’s family life does not have to have his imperfect life | Because family is most important in life |
Every person has their family | Individual happiness and sorrows can wait with your family | My Prive This is the largest family |
My family is the grandfather – grandmother, mother – father, uncle – aunt, my two brothers and uncle and aunt of the children all lived together | We all do together to get everything | My family is always happy |
Large logo of honor
all of my family is to respect older people | Any person in the family is not ever felt lonely | Everyone in the family is not with each other in joy and sorrow |

Family is all together to find the face of every difficulty | All logo remains much loved by his family | Each member of the family is precious |
Good manners
we find good values ​​of family, and we care about the good of all | All of my house people celebrate with great joy every festival | All festival is celebrated with the entire uncool custom and tradition |

All my family live in love and happiness | The talk of love each other | My family is the best family | Mine is full filled with family love, peace and prosperity | Our family we have a lot of things learning | Our family has taught us to respect elders |

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