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Good neighbors are a blessing. They help each other in the hour of need and share joys and sorrows. Having a good neighbor makes life much more joyous and pleasant. It also makes us feel secure. This is especially true for people living away from their families.

Long and Short Essay on My Neighbour


Essay 1 (250 Words)

My Neighbour is the Best Neighbour


We live in a nuclear family. My father works in an IT firm and my mother is a teacher. I do not have any siblings nor do we have any relatives in the city. We visit my grandparents and cousins only during the summer vacation.

I felt quite lonely when we shifted here initially. However, I soon met Meera, my new neighbor. I was overjoyed to know that she was the same age as me. We were both eight at that time. I got along well with her from the very beginning. We connected very well and I started feeling really better. I was no longer lonely or sad.

Our Bond with our New Neighbour

Just like I became friends with Meera, my mother got along well with her mother. Meera’s mother is a housewife. My mother and she often have evening tea together. We look forward to such days as it allows us to play at each other’s place. We get a chance to play with different toys and games.

On other days, we go together to the park. We play different outdoor games, take swings and enjoy a lot. We also joined the same summer camp during our last vacation. The camp was for three hours daily during the weekdays. We indulged in many activities such as art and craft, dance, music and board games during this time.

Both of us enjoy art and craftwork. We prepared many craft items together even after we returned from the summer camp. During the vacations every year, we also visit the malls together. It has been three years since we have been neighbors and it has been a lot of fun.


I am really thankful to God for giving me such a good neighbor. Meera is simply the best. Her family is also very friendly. I am glad that our mothers are also friends with each other.


Essay 2 (400 Words)

Importance of a Good Neighbour


Our neighbors are one of the first people we can approach during an emergency situation. Those who have good neighbors live with a feeling of security. On the other hand, those who do not connect well with their neighbors can have a hard time during their hour of need.

We Need Good Neighbour

Here is why we need good neighbors:

  • Good neighbors support us during a crisis. They are there to help us in case any kind of problem arises.
  • They are warm and friendly so we can confide in them in case anything bothers us. It is a good way to lower our stress and burden.
  • They fill the neighborhood with positivity and make it a better place to live.
  • A neighborhood surrounded by good neighbors is safe for the kids.
  • Elderly people are treated well and do not feel lonely if they have good neighbors.
  • Good neighbors are always there for each other. They are sensitive to the needs of one another.
  • Good neighbors celebrate festivals and other special occasions together. The joy doubles when people celebrate such special days together.
  • Children who grow in warm and friendly neighborhoods are likely to develop a pleasing personality. They also learn how to share and care.

Neighbors during Earlier Times

Even though it is important to know our neighbors well and maintain a cordial relationship with them, people living in the cities do not make an effort to do so. They usually blame their hectic lifestyle for this. This is quite unlike the people belonging to older generations.

In earlier times, people gave a lot of importance to their neighbors. They made an effort to bond with their neighbors. Their neighbors were an integral part of their lives. They often invited their neighbors to their place. They met regularly during the evening hours. The elderly men in the neighborhood sat down together post-lunch to chit chat. They enjoyed each other’s company until late evening and returned home only around dinner time.

The elderly women went together to the temple during morning or evening hours. They also sat down in the neighborhood park to chat with each other. The kids, on the other hand, played together for hours. The women in the neighborhood often went together to the market. They helped each other with household chores. They all lived as one big happy family. This tradition continues in the Indian villages even today.


We must be good for those living in our neighborhood if we want to be treated the same way. Our life becomes more enriching and wholesome in the company of good neighbors.


Essay 3 (500 words)

My Experiences with My Neighbours


We live in a society. There are eight families on each floor. There are several floors and many towers in society. This makes it a big neighborhood. The residential welfare association of our society is very active. They make sure we all celebrate various festivals together. Big events are organized at different festivals. This brings all the neighbors close and helps them bond well. I have had some really good experience living in this neighborhood but some incidents have not been so good.

Some Good Experiences with My Neighbours

We are on good terms with most of the families living on our floor. My parents understand the importance of maintaining a cordial relationship with the neighbors and thus make an effort to bond with them.

One of the ladies living on our floor is a very good friend with my grandmother. They both visit the temple during the evening hours. During winter afternoons they sit in the park and knit. My mother often invites her home so that the two elderly ladies can spend time together.

I also have two very good friends in my neighborhood. I go with them to the park every evening. We play together as our mothers sit and chat with each other. We also visit each other’s places to play. I feel great to have good friends in my neighborhood especially because it makes the vacation time a lot more fun. My parents are working. They both go to work in the morning and return only by evening. I stay with my grandparents during the day.

Since they are old they cannot play with me. But they do allow me to call my neighborhood friends home or let me go there for a few hours after I study for some time. The company of my neighborhood friends makes my vacations super fun and exciting. I go swimming and cycling with them during the evening hours. The mother of one of my neighborhood friends accompanies us as we go for such activities.

We exchange gifts with our neighbors on the occasion of Diwali and New Year. We also have lunch or dinner together to celebrate these occasions.

Some Bad Experiences with My Neighbours

While some of our neighbors are really sweet and stand by us in our good and bad times, unfortunately, we also have some troublesome neighbors. We have had our share of bad experiences when it comes to neighbors. Three girls have rented an apartment on our floor. They often play loud music during the late evening hours. This disrupts our sleep. We also have a hard time studying during this time.

We have requested them to keep the volume low many times. But it seems like they do not bother about others. Another one of our neighbors is quite weird. It is a family of four – two kids and their parents. We have tried to approach them and be friends with them. However, it seems like their parents want them to maintain distance from us. They often behave rudely and do not bond well with anyone on the floor.


It is great to have good neighbors. However, not everyone has this privilege. I am glad to have some really nice people in my neighborhood.


Essay 4 (600 Words)

My Memories with My Neighbours


We need to relocate to a new place every few years because of my father’s job. It is difficult to adjust to the new atmosphere. It takes time to adapt to new surroundings and people. However, we have been lucky so far when it comes to neighbors. We have always had good neighbors.

The Old Lady in Our Neighbourhood

We shifted to Lucknow when I was five years old. I really loved that place. We stayed there for three years and I made some really fond memories of that place. I loved our single-story house with a small front lawn, I loved the delicious delicacies of the place, I loved our weekend excursions but most of all I loved my family’s bonding with the old lady in our neighborhood. Her name was Mrs. Shukla.

She stayed just next to our house and we connected with her very well. I have a faint memory of her coming to our house on the very first day we shifted. She prepared tea and snacks for us and welcomed us to the neighborhood. We felt at home at once. She sat in her front lawn and knitted sweaters during winter afternoons. My mother often joined her to learn some knitting techniques. She once knitted a small blue sweater for my doll. I was overjoyed to receive it.

Many times when my parents went shopping, they left us at Mrs. Shukla’s place. She took very good care of us. Her grandchildren visited her during the summer vacation. We looked forward to that time as we got along really well with those kids. We often invited them to our place and played all day long. Many times, we also went to their place and it was great fun.

The Punjabi Family in Our Neighbourhood

When I was eight years old, we shifted to Chandigarh. It is a beautiful city. It is very well planned with lovely houses and surroundings. We rented an apartment in a good locality. The atmosphere of the place was quite pleasing and so were our neighbors. Our next-door neighbors were a Punjabi family. It was a joint family. There were a total of seven members in the family. Their daughter was almost the same age as mine and I got along really well with her. She often came over to our place during the evening and we played for hours.

Sometimes, we went together to the park to take swings and play badminton. She had two brothers who were older than my brother but very friendly. They always called my brother to play cricket with them. My brother looked forward to playing with them. My mother also became very good friends with their mother. They both went shopping together. They often exchanged recipes and chatted for hours. The two years we spent in Chandigarh were really fun. It would not be wrong to say that the Punjabi family living in our neighborhood made it even more fun.

The Gujrati Couple

I also cherish the one year we spent in Indore. I was eleven years old when we shifted to this city. It was quite different from the cities I had lived in earlier. A Gujarati couple lived in our neighborhood. They had bought an apartment close to ours just a few days before we shifted.

So, even they were busy unpacking and decorating their place at the time we shifted. The place was as new to them as it was for us. So, the lady often went out to explore nearby places with my mother. She cooked delicious curries and often gave us some portion. I loved her warm and friendly nature. Her husband was also very polite and helpful.


Good neighbors enrich our childhood experiences. I am glad we have had some really nice ones. I hope we continue to meet such beautiful and helpful people in the future as well.

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