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My school is a place where I get educated; learn new subjects under the guidance of trained and skilled teachers. My school also gives ample opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities like sports and music. The management of my school believes that it isn’t only academic excellence that we should be after, but also the overall personality development and evolving into a good and useful human being.

Long and Short Essay on My School

Essay 1 (250 Words)


My school’s is a government primary school located in the outskirts of the city. Usually, when people think about a government school, they perceive it to be at an isolated location and having poor basic amenities and teaching facilities. But, despite being a government school, my school defies all such speculations.

My School’s Amenities

I am proud of all the basic amenities that it provides keeping in mind the requirements of its students and staff. My school has separate toilets for boys, girls, and staff. The toilets are regularly cleaned twice daily by the cleaning staff. Moreover, there is also a clean drinking water facility for students.

The support staff and teachers of my school take care of every student and their needs. Each and every student is personally attended and made feel like at home.

Social Objectives/Services of My School

Apart from regular classes, my school is also involved in various social activities. We regularly organize programs in nearby villages to promote education and make people more aware of the importance of education. We along with our teachers, persuade people to send their children to school, be it a boy or a girl. We have been successful in our effort so far and have made the nearby villages 100% literate. We also distribute books and other school items to children from economically backward families. We also take part in various other campaigns like polio drop, Beti Bachao Beti padhao, and right to education, etc.


My school is a wonderful place where I learn not only the essential subjects but also some of the realities and skills of life. I learn about the problems of our society and also how can I help overcome them and contribute to the progress of society and the nation as well.


Essay 2 (400 Words)


My school is located in the heart of the city. It is a well-known institution applauded for its education methods and devoted teaching staff. My school plays a very significant role in my life. It is like a launchpad, from where I begin my life’s journey.

My School – Where Learning is Fun

Schools are the center of learning where we attend classes on various subjects, interact with the teachers, get our queries answered and appear in exams. In my school, learning is more like a fun activity, because of the extra-talented teaching staff.

My teachers are not only knowledgeable about the subjects they teach but also are skilled enough to teach through fun activities. For example, our physics teacher explains every concept by stating real-life examples that we could relate to. This way we not only understand the subject better, but we also don’t feel like we are studying at all.

Moreover, not a moment I remember, when any teacher had ever replied rudely to any of the students. They always patiently listen and provide an answer to all the queries posed to them. Learning at my school is fun and it is made possible only because of the teachers.

Importance of My School in My Life

My school is very important in my life, in a way even more than my family. My family gives me love, care, affection and provides for my all other essential needs. But, all of this isn’t enough to make me a good human being and succeed in life. The most essential prerequisite for success in life is education, and only my school provides it to me. Without my school and the education that it gives, I would be like a confused and wandering soul, almost aimless in life.

Fortunately, I am lucky enough to be enrolled in a prestigious school and gaining a wonderful education, looking forward to realizing my dreams one day.


My school is a place where my life gets its meaning and I develop mentally, physically and educationally every day. Imagining my life without my school would be like looking at a grim tragedy face to face. No school and no education would leave my life meaningless and my body without a soul. My school is my second family and it imparts essential life-changing qualities in me.


Essay 3 (500 Words)


My School is the institution where I get an education and make progress towards the goals of my life. Besides education, there are several significant roles that my school plays in my life. It develops my physical and mental stamina, instills confidence and gives me tremendous opportunities to prove my skills and talents in different fields.

My Feelings about My School

I look at my school with a great sense of pride and love. I am proud of my school because of the education and other essential skills it teaches me as well as other fellow students. I am and will always be thankful to my teachers for their teaching and support.

It just feels so great to be in my school and be a part of everyday activities, be it lectures, sports or something else. While in school, I always feel happy, confident, enthusiastic and loved. I know that every question that crosses my mind will be answered by my teachers. I also know that my school friends will always be at my side whenever I need them to be.

Last but not least I also feel a sense of responsibility towards my school and its reputation. I know that people outside relate my behavior to the school I study in; therefore, whether on the campus or outside, I keep my behavior well mannered so as not to bring any bad name to my school.

To sum it up, my feelings about my school are more or less the same as I feel about my family. Just a bit more meaningful than the family.

My School Activities

Schools are known to be where you have to sit for long hours, moving from one period to another and doing class works. Happily, my school activities involve much more than subjective studies. Of course, we do have regular classes but besides that, we also have a load of other activities like sports, games, dancing, music, etc. There is a specific time dedicated to extracurricular activities.

As much as on the studies, my school also stresses much on these activities as the management thinks that the extracurricular activities are very essential for our overall personality development.

My school provides dedicated teachers and staff for each extracurricular activity. We have a big sports ground with kits for all the major sports; a covered auditorium for dance and music and a separate basketball court.

Personality Development at My School

My school helps with my educational and overall personality development. It imparts education through classes, tests, and exams; teaches me how to conduct myself confidently; teaches me how to deal with adversities and failures, etc.

I make a friend at school, those whom I will never forget and will always love them. My family supports my materialistic needs, but school is the place where my actual physical, social and mental development takes place.


My school is the most important place in my life where I spend almost all productive hours of my every day. My family gives me food, clothes, money, and other essentials, but school is the place where my body meets its soul and makes life more meaningful.

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