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We live on the most beautiful planet, Earth which has a very clean and attractive nature full of greenery. Nature is our best friend which provides us all the resources to live here. It gives us water to drink, pure air to breathe, food to eat, land to stay, animals, plants for our other uses, etc for our betterment. We should fully enjoy nature without disturbing its ecological balance. We should care about our nature, make it peaceful, keep it clean and prevent it from the destruction so that we can enjoy our nature forever. Nature is the most precious gift given by God to us to enjoy but not to harm.

Short and Long Essay on Nature

Essay 1 (250 words)

Nature is the most precious and valuable gift to us from God to live our life here on the earth. Nature makes our life easy by providing all the required resources for daily living. We should thankful to our nature for helping, caring and nurturing us like a mother. We can enjoy the sweet sound and scenery of nature if we peacefully sit in the early morning in the garden.

Our nature is adorned with lots of scenic beauty which we can enjoy anytime. Earth has geographical beauty and known as the city of the garden or heaven. But it is sad to say that such beautiful gifts of God are declining day by day due to the technological advancement and high level of ignorance of human beings.

Nature is like our real mother which never harms us but always nourishes us. Walking in the lap of nature in the early morning makes us healthy and strong as well as keeps us away from many lethal diseases like diabetes, chronic heart diseases, high blood pressure, liver problem, digestive system ailments, infections, brain disease, etc.

It is good for our health to hear the soft sound of the birds, rattle of the breeze, sound of running fresh air, sound of running water in the river, etc in the early morning. Most of the poets, writers, and people used to of yoga and meditation are seen in the early morning in the garden to re-energize their body, mind, and soul.


Essay 2 (300 words)

Nature is the most important and integral part of the lives of everyone. Everyone has been blessed with the true love of God in the form of beautiful nature. We should never miss the pleasure of enjoying nature. Nature has been the most favorite topic of the works of many famous poets, writers, painters, and artists.

Nature is the beautiful creation of God which he blessed to us as a precious gift. Nature is everything that surrounds us like water, air, land, sky, fire, river, forests, animals, birds, plants, sun, moon, stars, sea, lake, rain, thunder, storm, etc. Nature is very colorful and has both living and non-living things in its lap.


Everything in nature has its own power and uniqueness provided by God. It has its many forms which are changing by season to season and even from minute to minute such as sea looks bright blue in the morning but by noon it looks emerald green color. The sky changes its color all through the day from pale pink at sunrise, dazzling blue in the late morning, bright orange in evening at sunset and purple by twilight. Our mood also gets changed according to nature such as happy and hopeful at the sunshine, rainy season and spring season. We feel heartily happy at moonlight and a little bored and tired in high sunlight.

Nature has some powerful transformative power which changes our mood and behavior accordingly. Nature has the power to recover the patients from their diseases if they are provided with the required and pleasant environment. Nature is very essential for our healthy life so we should keep it clean and conserve it for our future generations. We should cut trees and forests, should not despoil the ocean, rivers, should not make a hole in the ozone layer, should not increase the greenhouse effect, global warming and many more through our selfish activities. We should get fully aware of our nature and try our best to keep it natural so that it can nourish life on the earth forever.


Essay 3 (400 words)

Nature is the natural environment that surrounds us, cares us and nourishes us every moment. It provides us a protective layer around us to prevent the damages. We are not able to survive on the earth without nature like air, land, water, fire, and sky. Nature includes everything around us like plants, animals, rivers, forests, rain, lake, birds, sea, thunder, sun, moon, weather, atmosphere, mountain, desserts, hills, ice, etc. Every form of nature is very powerful which has the ability to nourish as well as destroy us.

Now a day, everyone has less time to enjoy nature. In the increasing crowd, we forgot to enjoy nature and improve health. We started using technological instruments for our health fitness. However, it is very true that nature has the power to nourish us and fit us forever. Most of the writers have described the real beauty and advantage of nature in their writings. Nature has the ability to make our mind tension free and cure our diseases. Because of technological advancement in the life of human beings, our nature is declining gradually which needs a high level of awareness to keep it in balance and to conserve natural assets.

God has created everything very beautifully seeing which our eyes can never be tired. But we forgot that we too have some responsibility towards our nature to the relationship between nature and human beings. How beautiful scenery it looks in the morning with sunrise, songs of birds, sounds of lakes, rivers, air and happy gatherings of friends in the evening in the garden after a long day of crush. But we forgot to enjoy the beauty of nature in just fulfilling our duties towards our families.

Sometimes during our holidays, we spend our whole day by watching TV, reading the newspaper, playing indoor games or on the computer but we forgot that outside the door we can do something interesting in the lap of nature ad the natural environment. Unnecessarily we left on all the lights of home, we use electricity without need which ultimately increases the heat in the environment called global warming. Our other activities like cutting trees and forests increase the amount of CO2 gas in the environment causing the greenhouse effect and global warming.

If we want to be happy and healthy always we should try our best to save our planet and its beautiful nature by stopping our foolish and selfish activities. In order to keep the ecosystem in balance, we should not cut trees, forests, practice energy, and water conservation and many more. Ultimately we are the real user of nature so we should really take care of it.

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