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Noise Pollution refers to the presence of sound beyond a permissible limit, so as to harm humans and animals. Some of the common sources of noise pollution are machines, heavy machinery, factories, transportation vehicles, aircraft, trains, etc. Unorganized settlements, resulting in traffic jams are also the main cause of noise pollution. Noise has severe health and psychological impacts on humans and animals. It has been known to cause severe cardiovascular problems in humans.

Long and Short Essay on Noise Pollution


Essay 1 (250 words)

Noise pollution is caused by the high level of unwanted sound in the environment which causes pain. Some of the main sources of the noise pollution are like noise generated by the road traffic, aircraft noise, railroads noise, noise generated by the construction (of buildings, highways, city streets, flyovers, etc), industrial noise, noise created in-home on daily basis (due to electrical home appliances, plumbing, generators, air conditioners, boilers, fans, etc), and noise from consumer products (like household equipments, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, mixer, juicer, pressure cooker, TV, mobile, dryer, cooler, etc).

In some countries (highly populated countries like India, etc) poor urban planning also plays a vital role in the noise pollution as this planning includes the construction of congested houses having large families in small space (causing a fight for parking, fights for basic requirements, etc) lead to the noise pollution. New generation people play music in full volume and dance for late-night causing lots of physical and mental disturbances to the neighbors. A high level of noise causes the loss of a normal person’s ability to hear properly. A high level of noise slowly affects health and acts as a slow poison.


It hugely affects the wildlife, lives of plants, and human beings. Normally, the ability of our ear is to accept the only certain range of sounds without making any damage to the ear. However, our ear cannot bear the regular exposure to loud levels of noise and get damage to the eardrums which results in the temporary or permanent loss of hearing. It also causes other disorders like sleeping disorders, fatigue, weakness, cardiovascular issues, stress, high blood pressure, communication problem, etc.


Essay 2 (300 words)

There are various types of pollution in the environment, soil pollution is one of them and has become more dangerous to health. It has become so dangerous that it can be compared to the other most dangerous problems like cancer, etc in which slow death is sure. Noise pollution is the dangerous gift of modern living style and an increasing level of industrialization and urbanization. If regular and effective actions are not taken to control, it can be very serious to the future generations. Noise pollution is the pollution caused by the noise due to the increased level of unwanted sound in the environment. It is a big potential hazard to health and causes a huge level of communication problems.

A high level of noise brings irritation in the behavior of many people especially diseased, old people and pregnant women. Unwanted sound causes deafness problems and other chronic disorders to the ear like damage to the eardrum, ear pain, etc. Sometimes high sound music pleases the listeners however irritates other people. Any undesired sound in the environment is injurious to the health. Some of the sources participating highly in noise pollution are industries, factories, transportation, traffic, airplane engines, train sounds, home appliances, construction, etc.

The noise level of 60 dB is considered as the normal noise however, the noise level of 80 dB or above becomes physically painful and harmful to the health. Cities having high noise quantum are Delhi (80 dB), Kolkata (87 dB), Bombay (85 dB), Chennai (89 dB), etc. Limiting the amount of noise to a safe level has become very necessary for life on the earth as undesired noise affects the health of human beings, plants and animals too. It is possible through the general awareness among the public about noise pollution, its main sources, it’s dangerous effects, as well as all the possible preventive measures to get prevented from the noise pollution.


Essay 3 (400 words)

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is caused by noise when the level of noise gets increased than the normal level in the environment. An excessive amount of noise in the environment is unsafe for living purposes. Unpleasant sound causes various disturbances in the natural balance. High volume noises are unnatural and create difficulty in escaping those generated noises. In such a modern and technological world, where everything is possible through the electrical appliances at home or outside the home, the risk of noise has been increased to a great extent.

Increasing the demand for urbanization and industrialization in India is causing major exposure of people to unwanted sounds. Understanding, planning and implementing strategies to get prevented from noise pollution has been necessary to curb within time. The sounds we make in our everyday life like loud music, unnecessary use of television, phone, traffic, dog barking and etc noise creating sources have become part of the urban culture as well as most disturbing things causing headache, sleep disturbances, stress, etc. Those things causing disturbance to the natural rhythm of life are called dangerous pollutants. Following are the causes or sources and effects of the noise pollution:

Causes of Noise Pollution

  • Industrialization is putting our health and life at risk because all the (big or small) industries are using big machines producing high pitch sounds in large amounts. Other equipment (compressors, generators, exhaust fans, grinding mills) used in the factories and industries also produces big noise.
  • Regular social events like marriages, parties, pubs, club, disc or places of worship, temples, etc create a nuisance in the residential area.
  • Increasing transportation in the cities (vehicles, airplanes, underground trains, etc) produces heavy noise.
  • Regular construction activities (including mining, bridges, building, dams, stations, roads, flyovers, etc) involve big equipment creating a high level of noise.
  • The use of household appliances in our daily life is also the main reason for noise pollution.

Effects of Noise Pollution

  • Noise pollution causes various hearing problems (damage to eardrums and loss of hearing) because of the unwanted sound.
  • It reduces ear sensitivity to the sounds required to regulate body rhythm.
  • It affects psychological health and causes the occurrence of aggressive behavior, sleep disturbance, stress, weakness, fatigue, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases including other severe and chronic health issues in later life.
  • It creates communication problems and leads to misunderstanding.
  • It affects wildlife and makes pets more aggressive.

Preventive Measures:

General awareness should be increased among people and all the rules should be followed seriously by everyone in order to control the unsafe sound level in the environment. Unnecessary use of things generating high pitch sound should be reduced in the home or outside the home like clubs, parties, bars, discos, etc.


Essay 4 (500 words)

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is the pollution caused by the various noise sources whether by the industrial or non-industrial affecting human beings, plants, and animals’ health in many aspects. The regularly increasing level of noise pollution is keeping the lives of people of the present generation and coming generations at high risk. I have discussed below the sources, effects, legal aspects control noise pollution and conclusion of the noise pollution.

Following are the sources of noise pollution

Some of the industrial and non-industrial sources of noise pollution are mentioned below:

  • The noise created by the low flying military aircraft has also added noise pollution to the environment to a great extent.
  • Road traffic noise is increasing day by day in the city because of the motors and exhaust system of vehicles like trucks, buses, autos, motorcycles, personal cars, etc. Tall buildings in the cities cause noise to resound in that area for some time.
  • Industrial noise created by the manufacturing plants because of the use of motors, compressors, fans, etc.
  • Construction noises created by the construction of tall buildings, roads, highways, city streets, etc through the use of pneumatic hammers, bulldozers, air compressors, dump trucks, loaders, pavement breakers, etc.
  • Railroads noise (from locomotive engines, whistles, horns, switching or shunting operations in the rail yards) are also very effective in creating a high level of noise pollution as they create a peak level of noise of around 120 dB to the 100 feet distance.
  • The noise created in the building because of the plumbing, generators, boilers, household equipment, music, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, fans, and other noisy activities in the neighborhood.
  • Another source of noise pollution is the use of a variety of firecrackers (high sound generating) during the festivals and other family occasions.

Following are the effects of noise pollution

Noise pollution highly affects the health of human beings, animals and properties. Some are mentioned below:

  • Increasing noise pollution day by day is decreasing the efficiency and quality of work of human beings.
  • Noise pollution reduces the concentration level as a high level of noise causes fatigue and tiredness.
  • Hugely affects pregnant women and causes irritation and abortion.
  • It causes various diseases (high blood pressure and mental illness) to the people because it disturbs the peace of mind.
  • A high level of noise decreases the quality of work and thus causes a lack of concentration level.
  • It may cause temporary or permanent deafness because the noise level of 80 to 100 dB is unsafe for the people.
  • It also damages historical monuments, old buildings, bridges, etc because it weakens the structure by creating dangerous waves that struck the walls.
  • Animals lose control of their minds and can be more dangerous because high-level noise damages their nervous system.
  • It also affects the plants and causes poor quality crop production.


The increasing level of noise pollution has created an urgent need for general awareness about the sources, effects and preventive measures of the noise pollution. High levels of noise should be prohibited in areas like working places, educational institutes, residential areas, hospitals, etc. Young children and students should be motivated to not get involved in the high sound producing acts like the use of high sound generating equipment and instruments on the occasions. The use of high-level sound-generating firecrackers should be reduced during occasions like festivals, parties, marriages, etc. Subjects related to noise pollution should be added into textbooks and activities that can be organized in schools like lectures, discussion, etc so that new generations can be more aware and responsible citizens.

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