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Diwali is one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated grandly throughout India. The festivities involve loads of activities including shopping, food, fireworks, worship, etc. Crackers and fireworks have become an integral part of the celebrations. Fireworks are made from harmful chemical compounds like Sulphur, Cadmium, Mercury, and lead, those release toxic fumes upon burning. Sometimes the fumes cause dense smog, making it harmful and difficult to breathe.

Long and Short Essay on Pollution Due to Diwali


Essay on Effects of Fireworks on Environment in Diwali (250 words)


Diwali is one of the main religious festivals of the Hindus. It is celebrated with great pomp and show each year. Lighting candles and diyas to illuminate houses, markets, offices, and shops, making beautiful rangolis, preparing sweets, visiting friends and relatives, exchanging gifts, offering prayer to Lord Laxmi and Ganesha and burning firecrackers forms a part of the Diwali celebration.

While all else has been a part of the tradition for centuries, burning firecrackers started much later. Though it is a way of rejoicing the festival, it is not a good practice. It is taking away the beauty of this festival and incurring much criticism. It is adding to the pollution on Earth.

  1. Air Pollution

The air pollution level rises extremely high during the Diwali festival. The smoke emitted by burning firecrackers makes the air harmful to breathe. The effects of burning a large number of crackers on Diwali can be felt even days after. It is known to cause various diseases. Lungs are worst affected by it.

  1. Land Pollution

The leftover pieces of the burnt crackers add to the land pollution. It takes days to clean these. Some of these pieces are non-biodegradable. These cannot be disposed of easily and turn toxic over time thereby adding to land pollution.

  1. Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is at its peak on Diwali. Firecrackers do not only burn bright and cause deadly smoke but also create an enormous amount of noise pollution. This is especially a problem for old people, students, animals, and sick people. The noises are highly disturbing. Animals are worst affected by it.


Burning firecrackers is causing serious harm to the environment. It is impacting life on Earth. It is ironic how even after knowing the after-effects of burning crackers people still indulge in this act. It is time we all must stop taking pleasure in such trivial things and think about the bigger picture.


Essay on Pollution Free Diwali (400 words)


Diwali is the festival of lights. It is eagerly awaited all year round. Houses, offices, and shops are cleaned thoroughly around this time. People shop for new curtains, bedsheets, and decorative items to re-decorate their place. The day is considered pious and many people reserve it for starting something new such as shifting to a new house, signing a business deal or finalizing and announcing the wedding date.

A number of rituals form a part of this festival. Bursting firecrackers is one of them. While all the other traditions and rituals make this festival beautiful, burning firecrackers on this day gives it an ugly turn. This is the sad part of the Diwali celebration as it harms the environment and gives way to several health problems.

Say ‘NO’ to Crackers

Massive amounts of firecrackers are burnt on Diwali. The already polluted environment gets all the more polluted due to the smoke emitted by crackers thereby making it difficult to breathe. Bursting crackers also leads to many other health problems such as burning sensation in the eyes, redness of eyes and skin and lung infections. Besides, the noise pollution caused due to them can have an adverse effect especially on the newborn babies, elderly people, and animals.

We must say no to crackers to avoid pollution and its harmful after effects. We should also inspire those around us to refrain from bursting crackers.

Spread Love Not Pollution

The beauty of festivals is that they bring our near and dear ones closer. As a part of the Diwali celebration, people visit each other and exchange gifts. Many people host parties on this day to celebrate the festival with their relatives and friends. The celebration begins by offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and Laxmi. This is followed by lighting diyas and candles and illuminating the house. A round of card game adds to the festive mood.

We must take this festival as an opportunity to bond with our loved ones by spending quality time with them. Having dinner, cracking jokes and sitting in the company of our friends and family members can be far more enjoyable than bursting crackers and adding to the pollution.

Diwali should be the time to spread love and joy, not pollution.


Diwali is a beautiful festival and we must retain its beauty and sanctity by saying no to crackers. We must all pledge to say no to crackers to save our environment. A pollution-free Diwali can be the best thing.


Essay on Diwali, Cracker, Pollution & Global Warming (500 words)


Global warming is a result of the increasing amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere. Burning firecrackers on Diwali does just the same. The smoke emitted by burning these crackers is extremely hazardous. It augments the level of harmful gases in the atmosphere thereby adding to the effect of Global warning.

While vehicular pollution and industrial smoke is hard to control, Diwali pollution, on the other hand, can be avoided as burning firecrackers is not serving any purpose unlike the vehicles running on the roads and the goods being manufactured in the industries.

Diwali Pollution Adds to Global Warming

People often argue as to what difference it would make if they do not burn crackers on Diwali. Most people feel that one day of air pollution caused due to Diwali crackers cannot have a high impact on the overall atmosphere of our planet. But this is not true. Statistics reveal that the pollution caused due to the burning of firecrackers on this day is equivalent to that caused jointly by numerous vehicles running on the road for several days. It thus contributes majorly to global warming year after year.

Crackers Emit Deadly Smoke

Firecrackers are known to produce deadly smoke. The smoke emitted by the bursting of certain crackers is said to be much more harmful than that produced by factories and vehicles. It impacts the atmosphere far more adversely and causes numerous air-borne diseases. People suffer from breathing problems and many other health issues because of this hazardous smoke. Animals, birds and other living organisms are affected as badly.

Small Steps can make a Big Difference

Bursting crackers does not do any good for anyone. It only deteriorates the air quality and causes health hazards. Why must we indulge in such an activity and put our lives at risk?

We can contribute our bit towards a healthier environment by celebrating Diwali without firecrackers. Diwali is a beautiful festival. Several customs and traditions form a part of this festival. From decorating and illuminating our place to wearing ethnic clothes, from meeting our near and dear ones to playing cards, from preparing homemade sweets to making colorful rangolis – there are so many enjoyable things to indulge in during this festival.

Striking off fireworks from the list should not impact the fun at all. However, it can do a lot of good for the environment. We must also inspire those around us to refrain from bursting crackers. Children must especially be educated about the harmful effects of crackers on the environment. Such small steps from our end can make a big difference.


Diwali is the time for celebration. It is time to spread smiles and laughter. We must not ruin the fun by polluting the environment and incurring health problems. We must remember that this trivial act of ours is becoming a cause of global concern. It is contributing to global warming which is one of the biggest threats to our environment. We should act wisely and say no to crackers.


Essay on Diwali Pollution’s Harmful Effects and Control Measures (600 words)


Diwali is one of the most loved and awaited festivals of Hindus. It is being celebrated since times immemorial with great pomp and show. People begin cleaning their houses days before the festival to welcome Goddess Laxmi. Houses and shops are illuminated with lights, diyas, and candles on this day.

There are hustle, bustle, and joy all around. Everything about this festival is joyous except one and that is the burning of firecrackers. Burning crackers that form a part of the Diwali celebration is causing an alarming amount of pollution. This is impacting our environment adversely and creating an enormous amount of difficulty for living beings.

Harmful Effects of Diwali Pollution

Here is a look at the harmful effects of Diwali pollution on the environment and life on Earth:

  1. Effect on the Environment

The smoke emitted by the burning of firecrackers on Diwali augments the level of harmful gases and pollutants in the air thereby adding to air pollution. It impacts the environment severely. This festival falls just before the beginning of the winter season. The atmosphere around this time is misty. The smoke released by firecrackers gets trapped in the mist and this augments the impact of pollution.

  1. Effect on People

As the pollution level rises, human health is impacted negatively. The air is filled with harmful pollutants that cause problems such as shortness of breath, choking of lungs, burning sensation in the eyes and redness and rashes on the skin. Those already suffering from health problems such as asthma, heart problem, and lung infections are worst affected by the aftermath of burning crackers as their problems augment during this time. It gets difficult to breathe. Besides, the noise pollution caused by Diwali is unbearable and can cause deafening effects.

  1. Effect on Animals

Just as human beings, the increase in the air pollution level after Diwali celebrations makes life difficult for the animals too. They find it difficult to breathe and suffer from various other illnesses caused due to the smoke emitted by firecrackers. They are also immensely affected by the noise pollution caused due to the bursting of crackers. These innocent creatures are seen running around looking for places to hide to escape these loud noises.

Measures to Control Diwali Pollution

Here are some of the measures to control Diwali pollution:

  1. Sensitize Children

Children are particularly excited about burning crackers. They begin bursting fire-crackers days before the festival. Parents must take this as their responsibility to sensitize children about the harmful effects of burning crackers rather than merely asking them not to do so without giving any reason. Children these days are smart and will definitely understand why they must refrain from burning crackers.

  1. Ban on Firecrackers

The government must step in and put a ban on the manufacturing of firecrackers. This can be an effective way of controlling Diwali pollution. The problem cannot be curbed without the intervention of the government. If this is not possible then at least there should be a check on the manufacturing of crackers. Crackers that produce a high amount of air and noise pollution must at least be banned.

  1. Go for Low-Noise/Low-Smoke Crackers

If we do have to burn crackers then we must choose them cautiously. It is a good idea to purchase those crackers that do not produce much noise and also do not emit much smoke.


We must act as responsible human beings and put an end to this inane practice of burning firecrackers. It is time to understand that this is not adding to the celebration, this is only adding to the pollution and causing serious harm to our planet.

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