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‘Prevention is better than cure’ is a proverb which reveals that prevention methods are much better to remain away from any problem than finding out solutions to cure that problem. Prevention and cure, are different words and their meanings are also different. However, prevention is considered as better than cure because it saves us from the harm of curing through medicines. Prevention is a safe way to remain away from any problem.

Short and Long Essay on Prevention is Better than Cure

Essay 1 (250 words)


Prevention is better than cure is a proverb which completely suits us in our daily sphere of life. It teaches us to take preventive measures always in our life to get away from all sorts of dangers. Preventive measures help us to save our health, effort, time and money. Preventive measures are very essential in our life required to deal with the effects of bad circumstances regarding a healthy life. It is good to have preventive measures earlier than following them while getting affected by any type of health disorder.

So, we should take all the preventive measures before the spreading of diseases. Preventive measures are like drinking clean water, eating a healthy diet at right time, washing hands with soap before and after taking food, washing hands with soap after each and every use of the toilet, follow good habits of hygiene, taking a daily bath, wearing clean cloth, taking proper sleep during night, etc.

Importance of it in our Daily Life

This proverb ‘prevention is better than cure’ has various importance in our daily life. Following it in our life, we can be prevented from illness. It teaches us to adopt healthy habits of eating and living. It teaches us to do everything in advance in order to avoid last moment harassment. We should plan all the activities for the project we have already decided to do in the future. It helps us to prevent all the hazards that may occur because of our irregularity in the daily routine.

For example, if we have planned for holidays, we should plan and work accordingly on the trip for getting smooth travel. If we eat easily digestible foods, our stomach will be healthy and calm. If we are not prepared for the exam, we will get harassed at the exam time. So, we should make ourselves ready for all the circumstances.

Conclusion: Prevention is a big tool that helps us in many ways if we understand its real meaning and follow its teachings in our daily routine all through life. It benefits a lot than it means.


Essay 2 (300 words)

Meaning of this Proverb: The meaning of this proverb ‘prevention is better than cure’ is, if we will follow the prevention measures in all the sphere of life, it will keep us happy in all means. It is the most famous and old proverb, generally relates to our physical and mental health. Prevention is always a better and wiser technique to avoid diseases and other problems of health that require proper cure. The cure is a costly regimen that may or may not treat us completely to the normal level. So, prevention should be the priority instead of seeking remedies.

How this Proverb is Applicable in our Life:

Prevention measures help us to avoid difficulties in life and give us a peaceful happy life. Our life is full of numerous difficulties and if we are not disciplined, we have to suffer too much. Therefore, this proverb suits us a lot us all through life. Wise people must follow this technique in their daily life to be healthy, wealthy and happy. In this polluted environment, anyone can be deceased anytime with any big or small health disorder. And any disease requires proper cure which is very costly and doesn’t give surety of wellness.


Prevention is a much cheaper technique than a cure to be safe and peaceful. It saves time, health, effort, and cost. It also prevents us from many anxious thoughts. As human beings, we have the power of reasoning and power of foresight, so we should use it for our own benefit. Our mistakes and carelessness invite to the difficulties only. So, we should be careful all the time.

Conclusion: Life is very short and we should enjoy it completely. However, it is only possible when we are stress-free, disease-free and disciplined in our whole life. Our preventive efforts should be able to prevent troubles and difficulties. It can happen if the principles of this proverb are followed strictly and faithfully to every aspect of life.


Essay 3 (400 words)


Prevention is better than cure is the most popular and old proverb related to our health and healthy life. Good health becomes a valuable present in human life. We can earn lots of money, make houses, achieve luxurious things, etc in life however we cannot buy good health once it got declined by some serious diseases. The meaning of each and every luxurious thing will be zero immediately after we get some diseases. The proverb “prevention is better than cure” is the best advice to us in life. People should divert their minds from costly treatment towards spending time on health education, preventative measures, etc.

How it Relates to our Daily Life

Most of the people suffer from various fatal diseases which have almost no cure or impossible to cure. Some of the diseases have very expensive treatments. People suffering from such diseases are cured by using very hard medicines having lots of side effects in the present or in the near future. In order to remain away from such diseases, prevention is a great key we can be safe from deadly diseases. Prevention is very cheap and saves lots of money, time and effort.

If prevention methods are followed by the people, they remain safe and happy forever. Poor people cannot afford costly medical treatments. So, we should take care of us all through proper prevention methods so that we can be away from a cure. We have only one life which is very important to all of us. We should live it, not destroy by inviting various problems and difficulties. Life can be more happy and peaceful if we become disciplined and follow the principles of this proverb.

Conclusion: By properly understanding the meaning and principles of prevention, we can learn how to save ourselves from deadly and fatal diseases. Generally, people know the definitions of making their lives healthier and happier. But they forget the key point of control, discipline, and patience. Cure becomes the last step to get our body out of danger however sometimes we cannot get the normal health back in case of some serious diseases. Our doctors may save a life but cannot return the happiness in life. People, who already had suffered difficulties in life, well understand the value the prevention. But, it is better, if people understand its value before getting into any difficulty.

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