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Global Warming is an immediate environmental concern that threatens the very existence of life on earth. It must be prevented at any cost if its destructive effects are to be avoided. Primarily, human activities are responsible for Global warming and it is only in the hands of humans to reduce their effects. It can be prevented by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, for which there is a need to reduce the use of fossil fuel for transportation and other purposes. Alternate sources of fuel must be researched and promoted.

Long and Short Essay on the Prevention of Global Warming


Essay 1 (250 words)

There are many effective methods to prevent global warming. First of all, we need to change our habits in order to bring some positive changes in our daily life. We need to replace our regular bulbs with the most effective compact fluorescent light (also called CFL) to reduce heat emissions. CFL consumes very little power than other ordinary bulbs. It is completely banned in some countries to use ordinary bulbs. We should limit our driving with personal vehicles to save fuels from burning and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. We should go through the walk or use cycle to the near market and share driving with neighbors for the same purposes.

We should follow recycle habits to use disposable products once more in other forms instead of throwing them such as paper, aluminum foils, newspapers, cans, etc in order to landfills. We should drive vehicles smoothly by ensuring that tyres are inflated properly in order to lessen the consumption of fuel. We should avoid the use of geysers and dishwasher and go for cold or warm water at home in order to save more energy producing heat. Avoid buying packaged products in order to avoid generating more wastes and garbage. We should use a thermostat while using geysers in order to lessen the use of electricity and lower down temperature. We should keep electronic devices off and avoid unnecessary use to save fuel.

We should do more planting instead of cutting the plants to reduce the effect of global warming, to get fresh oxygen and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide. There should be international level awareness programs to make people aware of global warming.


Essay 2 (300 words)

Global warming is increasing day by day because of the increasing technological needs of human beings. It is affecting the daily lives of human beings, animals, and plants to a great extent. Plants are a great source of normalizing lives here and balancing the natural cycles however what if we cut the plants without replanting them. They utilize all the carbon dioxide gas to make their food in the presence of sunlight but reducing the number of plants continuously on the earth increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere which causes the greenhouse effect and increases the environment temperature and then global warming.

Carpooling with neighbors, friends or others is a great idea to reduce the carbon dioxide gas emission in the air. A driving car needs the burning of more fuel which creates CO2 as a by-product and gets collected in the atmosphere. So decreasing the number of driving by everyone may reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and thus global warming to a great extent. There is a habit to replace plastic water bottles with the reusable ones in order to lessen the cost, effort, and effects of waste disposal. It decreases the amount of trash in landfills as well as reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and methane gas in the atmosphere.

People should choose to buy local products from local manufacturers, farmers, and producers in order to lessen the consumption of energy in transportation from long distances in order to reduce the carbon footprint. The effects of global warming can be lessened to a great extent if each and every person becomes responsible from their own end by having proper understanding and awareness. There are many cheap and simple methods to reduce environmental temperature as well as the effect of global warming. We all need to be equally conscious and take strict decisions to bring positive environmental changes.


Essay 3 (400 words)

Global warming is a big social and environmental issue that needs to be solved on an urgent basis by the end of each and every person. We should stop all the activities causing an increase in the environmental temperature and level of carbon oxide including other greenhouse gases in the air. We are releasing poison to the air after each drive. There are lots of activities of all of us causing an increase in the environmental temperature however we are totally unaware of. Use of hot water for many purposes, use of ordinary bulbs, unnecessary use of electronic devices, cutting plants, burning wood during winter or other seasons for other purposes, burning fuel in transportation, and many more. We should measures which are highly efficient and eco-friendly to the environment.

We should not cut plants instead we should do more planting in order to lessen the CO2 level in the atmosphere. Deforestation completely disturbs the ecological balance and affects the whole world. The rise in the environmental temperature is going at a faster rate in the few last decades. According to the NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it is evaluated that the primary cause of increasing global temperature is human behavior, activities, and lifestyles. We should reduce our energy use whether at home or at the workplace because high-level energy use contributes to a high level of carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels are burned to get energy for many purposes but release lots of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. So, reducing our energy use we can contribute towards reducing the personal carbon footprint.

The use of compact fluorescent or LED lights in place of ordinary bulbs reduces energy use up to 75 percent and lasts longer. We should make sure that we are not wasting energy by any means unnecessarily. We should reduce our dependence over fossil fuels, electric lights, etc instead use green power which produces energy from renewable sources such as solar light or wind. Transportation of materials from outside or other cities causes the emission of more CO2. So, we should buy locally manufactured goods with minimal packaging in order to reduce CO2 emission and wastes. We should make a habit of recycling goods or donate them instead of throwing them.

Instead of using our personal means of transport, we should use public transport means bus, train, etc to reduce the emission of poisonous chemicals and pollutants to the air and lessen the risk of global warming. We should minimize our use of appliances and maintain our automobiles as well as make habit of reduce needs, reuse and recycle things.

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