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In this essay of women empowerment, we have discussed the topic role of women in society. This topic is the most common topic nowadays which school students are generally assigned during the exams or essay writing competitions. We have provided various essays on the same topic under different word limits for the school students.

Long and Short Essay on Role of Women in Indian Society

Essay 1 (250 words)

If we compare the current status of women to the ancient time, we can say that really the condition is improving gradually. Women are being professional, bread-earners for their families and an independently thinking individual of the country even after only being responsible for many responsibilities of life. Traditional Indian women have started proving themselves more skilled and competent in many professions than men. And, day by day the situation is improving fast by breaking all the barriers of the way.

The Indian government also has played a great role in women’s empowerment by implementing various rules and regulations. The ancient times’ trends such as female foeticide, dowry deaths, early child marriage, domestic abuse, child labor, sexual harassment, etc have been banned by the government which has really improved the women’s status in society. A woman plays a variety of great roles in everyone’s life in various forms by being involved in various relationships. From her birth till her end of life, she plays various roles as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and other relationships. However, her main roles are as a wife and mother. The status of women in urban societies is better however in various rural societies it is still worse because of the lack of proper education and education system. A woman gives birth to a baby and considered to be only responsible for her baby regarding care, education, job, etc for a whole life. She never demands anything in return for her roles instead she performs her roles politely all through life without any argument.


Essay 2 (300 words)

Women in modern Indian society are really forward if we compare them from the ancient time but if we talk about women empowerment, we can say that not really women are empowered in all areas. Even after being so forward, women need to go for a long way defeating hard circumstances. Women have gained lots of influence in various fields until the balance between the two genders. We can say that women have more freedom than earlier however not true in many cases because prejudice still remains in the society.

In many places, women are still treated as the inferior sex and forced to handle only household chores. Some women in society love to follow the old traditions of the family and perform the traditional female role by being housewives and mothers. They live their whole life as general helpers to their husbands and kids. It has been in the usual practice for a woman by birth to handle home and stay unemployed at home. Some women from the society of high living status are keen to get employed like men in the future because they have been lived in society having a higher level of thoughts like that. They are never ill-treated in their families and always promoted to do better in life like men. However, women in the backward society, where people only mean to earn food two times daily, never understand their rights and responsibilities like men. All the differences are just because of the lack of proper education and education systems in that area.

Women need to realize their roles towards their society and country together with their roles at home which is possible through continuous effort, gender equality and women empowerment. People are being more advanced in their behavior and thoughts towards women’s rights and empowerment.


Essay 3 (400 words)

Women play a great role in the growth and development of society and making it an advanced and modern society. There is a famous saying by Brigham Young that, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Educating and giving power to women is of great importance which needs to be followed in the society to bring women empowerment and development of society. Because it is true that, if a man is getting educated and empowered, only he can be benefitted however if a woman is getting educated and empowered, the whole family and society can be benefitted.

Women are not things that can be neglected because of their less power and authority instead they should be empowered and promoted to get higher education. Women are the half population of the world mean half power of the world. If women of any country are not empowered mean that country is lacking half power. By nature, women play there all the roles with great responsibilities and have the capability to make a healthy family, solid society and powerful country. Lots of efforts have been done however still women are backward and limited to home activities. We need to understand that if an uneducated woman may handle home properly then why not a well-educated woman can lead the whole country like men.

Without women nothing is possible for men, they are the basic units of society, they make a family, the family makes a home, the home makes a society and ultimately societies make a country. So the contribution of a woman is everywhere from taking birth and giving birth to a child to the care for whole life and other areas. All the roles and responsibilities of women can never be neglected by societies. Without education and women empowerment no development is possible in the family, society, and country. Women know well how to talk, how to behave, how to deal with people of different classes, etc. She knows to handle all the situations because she knows well the basic fundamentals of a good society and plays her roles politely as a main contributor in building a strong society.

Earlier, when the lives of women were worse than slaves, women were considered as animals and used as sex toys. It was a sin for women to give birth to a girl baby, either they were killed, buried alive or thrown away by the male head of the family. However, the condition has become advance now in many means but not completely.

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