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Save the Girl Child is a scheme launched by the Government of India on January 22nd, 2015. It is also called “Beti Bachao, Beti padhao” in Hindi. The scheme aims to eliminate female foeticide and girl’s dropout rate from schools and educational institutions. Started with initial funding of Rs 100 crore, it is one of the most significant schemes of the government of India towards women empowerment. The scheme aims to make people aware of the usefulness of a girl child and her education.

Long and Short Essay on Save Girl Child

Essay 1 (250 words)


The status of girls in Indian society has been greatly debated for many years. Girls are generally believed to be involved in the cooking and playing with dolls while boys to be involved in education and other physical activities from the ancient time. Such old beliefs of men have simulated them for violence against women which resulted in the continuous decrease in the number of girl children in the society. So, there is a big need to save girl children in order to equalize the ratio of both as well as ensure the development of the country.

Effective Steps regarding Save Girl Child

Following are the various effective steps to save girl child:

  • The position of girl child in Indian society is backward since ages because of the extreme desire of parents for the boy-child. It has created gender inequality in society and has been very necessary to remove by bringing gender equality.
  • Extreme poverty in society has created social evil against women as a dowry system which worsens the situation of women. Parents generally think that girls are only to spend money that’s why they kill girl child before or after birth in many ways (female infanticide, dowry deaths, etc). Such issues need to be removed urgently in order to save a girl child.
  • Illiteracy is another issue that can be removed through the proper education system for both genders.
  • Empowering women is the most effective tool to save girl child.
  • People should be aware through some effective campaigns regarding save the girl child.
  • A girl child is unsafe inside as well as outside the mother’s womb. She has fear in many ways all through life with the men whom she gives birth. She is ruled by the men whom she gives birth and it is totally the matter of laugh and shame for us. Education is the best tool to bring the revolution of saving and respecting a girl child.
  • A girl child should be given equal access and opportunities in every field.
  • There should be safety and security arrangement for girls in all public places.
  • Family members of a girl child can be a better target to make save the girl child campaign successful.


Save a girl child is not taken by the people as a topic only, it is a social awareness that should be taken very seriously. People should save girl children and respect girl children as they have the power to create a whole world. They are equally needed for the growth and development of any country.


Essay 2 (300 words)


Girls have been the victim of many crimes in India for years. The most fearful crime was female foeticide in which girls were killed in the womb of mother after sex determination through ultrasound. Save the girl child campaign has been launched by the government to end the gender-selective abortions of the female fetus as well as other crimes against the girl children.

Effects of Female Foeticide on Girl Child Ratio Reduction

Female foeticide was one of the most fearful acts through sex-selective abortion in the hospital. It was developed in India by the people’s more interest in the boy child than the female child. It has reduced the girl child sex ratio in India to a great extent. It was made possible in the country because of the Ultrasound technology. It took a form of the giant demon because of gender discrimination and inequality for girls in society. A huge reduction in the female sex ratio was noticed after the national census of 1991. Then it was declared as a worsening problem of the society after the national census of 2001. However, the reduction in the female population was continued until 2011. Later, this practice was banned strictly by the government in order to control the ratio of female children. In Madhya Pradesh, the ratio was 932 girls/1000 boys in 2001 however reduced to 912/1000 in 2011. It means, it still continues somewhere and maybe it reduced to 900/1000 by 2021.

Role of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao awareness Campaign

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao is a scheme which means save the girl child and educate the girl child. This scheme was launched by the government of India on the 22nd of January in 2015 in order to generate awareness for girl children as well as improve the welfare of women. This campaign was launched by organizing some activities such as large rallies, wall paintings, television commercials, billboards, short animations, video films, essay writing, debates, etc in order to aware more people of the society. It also involved some famous celebrities for more awareness. This campaign is supported by the various government and non-government organizations in India. This scheme has played a great role in spreading awareness regarding save girl child all over the county as well as improving the status of girl child in the Indian society.


Each and every citizen of India must follow all the rules and regulations made for saving the girl child as well as improving the position in society. Girls should be considered as equal to boys by their parents and given the same opportunities in all the working areas.


Essay 3 (400 words)


The existence of the human race on the earth is impossible without the equal participation of both, man and woman. Both are equally responsible for the existence of the human race on the earth as well as the growth and development of any country. However, there is no doubt in saying that a woman is more necessary than man as without her we cannot think about the continuation of the human race as she gives birth to a human. So, girl children are not killed, they should be saved, respected and given equal opportunities to go ahead. They are the source of root creation and help in shaping the destiny of civilization. However, women have been the victim of female foeticide, rape, sexual harassment, dowry deaths, etc in her own shaped civilization. How shame is this!

Why Save Girl Child

A girl child should be saved by people in society for various reasons:

  • They are not less capable than boys in any field and give their best.
  • Female foeticide is illegal crime since 1961 and has been banned in order to stop sex-selective abortions. People should follow all the rules very strictly made to save a girl child.
  • Girls become more obedient than boys and have been proved less violent and arrogant.
  • They have been proved much responsible for their family, job, society or country.
  • They become much caring for their parents and devoted to their job.
  • A woman can be a mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc. Every man should think that his wife is the daughter of another man and his daughter would be the wife of another man in the future. So, everyone must respect a woman in any form.
  • A girl performs both duties personal as well as professional very loyally which makes her extra special than boys.
  • Girls are the ultimate reason for the existence of the human race.

Steps were taken by the Government to Save Girl Child

There are various steps taken by the Indian government regarding save the girl child and educate the girl child. The most recent initiative regarding this is Beti Bachao Beti Padhao which is very actively supported by the Government, NGOs, corporate groups, and human rights activists and NGOs. Various social organizations have helped the campaign by building a toilet at girl schools. Crimes against girl child and women are big obstruction in the way of India’s growth and development. Female foeticide was one of the big issues, however, it has been banned by the government by the stoppage of ultrasound for sex determination, scan tests, amniocentesis, etc in the hospitals. The government has taken this step to let people know that a girl child is not a sin in society however; she is a nice gift by God.


A girl child should not be killed, hated or disrespected. She should be saved, loved and respected for the betterment of society and country. She is an equal participant in the development of the country as boys.

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