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The term “Save Water” urges us to save one of the mother earth’s most significant natural resources – water. Easy availability of water has made us careless, undermining its significance and resulting in its wastage. Today, a normal household wastes thousands of liters of water annually, without realizing that it would need years to reproduce the same quantity through natural processes. Water usage must be optimized to ensure its availability for future generations.

Long and Short Essay on Save Water

Essay 1 (250 words)


It is already clear to everyone that water is very much necessary for the existence of life on earth. Our each and every activity is dependent on the water. Though we are surrounded by huge water bodies (around three-fourth of the Earth’s surface) on earth, fresh water available on the earth is only 2.5% in the form of glaciers out of which only 1% is fit for drinking. So it becomes important for us to save water and avoid its wastage.

Causes of Water Contamination

Water gets contaminated from the waste materials of industries, sewage, toxic chemicals, and other waste products. The main reason for water scarcity and clean water contamination is the ever-increasing population and rapid industrialization and urbanization. The improper waste disposable system is also majorly responsible for the contamination of water.

The necessity to Save Water

As we know that there is already a scarcity of water so it becomes important that whatever quantity is available on earth should be used properly without any wastage. We should also raise the awareness regarding the ‘Save Water’ initiative so that we can preserve water for the future generations and also for other species that are surviving on earth.


Due to the clean water scarcity, people cannot fulfill their basic needs in many areas. According to the recent study, it has been found that around 19% of the Indian population does not have access to fresh water. We need to join hands together to deal with the clean water scarcity through various best and most suitable methods with the motto “Save water, Save Life, Save World”.


Essay 2 (300 words)


Save water or conservation of water has been very essential to maintain the existence of life on earth because no life is possible without water. Water helps in the continuity of the life cycle on earth as earth is the only known planet having water and life. Water is the necessity throughout our life and it becomes our responsibility to save it. According to a report, girls in Rajasthan do not attend schools since they have to go long distances to bring water. Hence it becomes our duty to save water and avoid its wastage.

Effects of Water Scarcity

According to the survey by the National Crime Records Bureau, it was recorded that around 14.4% of suicide cases in India were due to drought. Farmers commit suicide when they suffer a severe loss due to lack of rains and scarcity of groundwater. So, water scarcity also leads to poverty, suicides, migration and other social issues. Also, the children in these areas are not able to achieve their basic right to education due to these issues.

How Can We Help To Save Water

We do not need to make extra efforts for water conservation; we only need to bring some positive changes in our daily activities. Ensure tight closing of the tap after every use, use bucket and mug for washing or bathing instead of using the shower, close the running tap wherever you find one, etc are little efforts which can bring a big change. A little effort from the end of millions of people can give a big positive result towards the save water campaign.


As a responsible citizen of India, we all should join hands for the cause and save water without wasting a drop of it. There is a true saying that a small effort of everyone can give a big result just like many drops of water form a huge water body like pond, river, and sea. So let’s save every drop of water without wasting it because every drop counts.

Essay 3 (400 words)


Save water is water conservation through various means in order to maintain the supply of fresh and clean water. As the availability of fresh water sources is diminishing, water conservation or save water campaigns are very important so that fresh and clean water is made available to all the people across the world as well as for future generations.

Causes of Fresh Water Scarcity

Large water bodies are getting polluted on a daily basis by industrial waste materials. Improper waste management has added to the issue. Pesticides and fertilizers have also contaminated water bodies and groundwater. Irresponsible use of water and too much water wastage have also reduced the availability of clean water.

Prevention of Water Scarcity

Proper water management systems should be implemented in all the industries, buildings, apartments, schools, hospitals, etc to make the efficient use of water without wasting a drop of it.

Awareness programs should be run to let common people know about the importance of water and how it should be used in a limited quantity without wasting it. The young generation should also work to spread awareness of saving water.

Rainwater harvesting should be initiated in all areas. It helps to replenish groundwater and can also be used for various purposes.

How to Save Water

I have mentioned below some better ways to save water on a daily basis:

  • People should water their lawns and gardens only when they need water.
  • Sprinkling is better than watering with a pipe which can save many gallons of water per month.
  • Planting drought-resistant plants is a better way to save water.
  • Leaky faucets and plumbing joints should be fixed immediately to save water and it may save around 20 gallons of water per day.
  • Use of bucket and mug is good to wash the car instead of using pipe which may save up to 150 gallons of water each time.
  • The use of flow restrictions to the showers also saves water.
  • The use of fully loaded washing machines and dishwashers saves water around 300 to 800 gallons per month.
  • Using less water per toilet helps in saving more water per day.
  • Washing fruits and vegetables in a water-filled pot instead of washing under the running water save water.
  • Rainwater harvesting is a good idea by which rainwater can be stored and used for various purposes.


Water scarcity has become a major issue in many parts of the world and demand for water has increased six times the past few decades. It is important that we start taking crucial steps in saving water available on earth. It is the responsibility and duty of every citizen of our country to use water in a responsible way and avoid the wastage of water because every drop of water we save will help others in their survival.


Essay 4 (500 words)


As we all know that water gives life to us and other living things on the earth. It is very essential for the survival of the human race and other species on earth. Without water, we cannot imagine the existence of life on any planet. Earth is the only known planet to date which has water and life, hence it becomes essential for us to conserve this resource which is the base of life.

The earth is covered with around 71% of water however only 1% is fit for drinking. The normal cycle of water balance runs naturally like evaporation and rain. However, the problem is with the availability of safe drinking water on the earth which is available in a very less amount and here is what the conservation of water comes in the picture.

Why we should Save Water

In order to know the answer to why we should save water, first, we should know the importance of water and how water is valuable to us in our lives. Life is not possible without air, water, and food. But most importantly, after air, water is the second most precious in all the three necessities for survival of life.

Now the question is how much pure water we have on earth. According to the statistics, it has been estimated that less than 1% of the water on earth is suitable for drinking. If we estimate the ratio of drinking water and the total population of the world, it would be, more than a billion people all across the world are surviving on 1 gallon of water per day. It has also been estimated that more than 3 billion people would suffer water shortages by the year 2025.

Though people have started understanding the value of clean water, they have still not started to save water. Saving water is a good habit and every one of us should try their best to save water for the continuation of life on this planet. A few years back no one imagined that water would be sold on shops but today it has become a common scenario. We can clearly imagine that in the near future there would be a shortage of clean water all over the world so water conservation is the only solution if we want to avoid this situation.

Ways to Save Water

Some of the water-saving tips are as follows:

  • Everyone should understand their individual responsibility and try to save water as much as they can in their daily activities.
  • Rainwater Harvesting is one of the best ways by which we can use rainwater for various purposes and also help to replenish groundwater.
  • Always use washing machines and dishwashers with full capacity as this cuts unnecessary washes in between.
  • Use bucket instead of a shower to take a bath, it saves around 100-150 liters of water every day.
  • Water the plants in the evening so that it doesn’t get evaporated and is used by the plant.
  • Turn off taps tightly wherever you see it running and immediately report water leakage to the concerned department.
  • Celebrate ‘Dry Holi’ with ‘gulals’ by avoiding watercolors and save a huge amount of water.
  • Spread the ‘Save Water’ initiative in your neighborhood, localities, and schools.
  • We should encourage our family members, children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to do the same from their end to get a positive result.


After air, water is the most vital resource which our Mother Nature has given to us. It is not only important to us but it is also essential for all the living species, plants, and trees. It is also important for the sustenance of the biodiversity of our planet and for the food chain. The quantity of clean water is very limited and it is majorly available in lakes, rivers, and groundwater. Hence it becomes important for us that we conserve it so that it remains available in the future also.

The contamination and pollution of water is a common scenario nowadays which reduces the quality of water and makes it unfit for drinking. It is our prime responsibility that we should stop this and also spread the word of ‘SAVE WATER’ so that we can conserve one of the most valuable and vital resources not only for today but also for our future generations.

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