Computers are a term that we are all familiar with.. Computers are automated machines that can perform a wide range of tasks.. There was a time when computers were used solely for calculating purposes; now we can see a dramatic shift in computer systems.. Currently, computers are used in all areas of life to carry out their specific functions.. Different types of computers, on the other hand, are used for various tasks.. As an example, consider the following:. In this essay, we’ll examine it in greater detail..

10 Lines Essay On Supercomputer

  • For high-level computations, a supercomputer is an specialized computer.
  • Control Data Corporation (CDC) 6600, the first supercomputer, was developed in the 1960s. 2).
  • Weather forecasting, cryptography, and data mining are all common applications for supercomputers..
  • In terms of size, they’re massive systems with numerous processors..
  • The fastest Indian supercomputers are PARAM Siddhi-AI, Pratyush, and Mihir..
  • Linux is the operating system of choice for most supercomputers..
  • There are a number of ways to measure a supercomputer’s speed, including FLOPS (Floating Point Operations Per Second)..
  • From January 2020 to November 2021, the fastest supercomputer was Japan’s Fugaku, with 442 PFLOPS..
  • There are expensive computers called supercomputers that are used to perform complex calculations..
  • Supercomputers can be classified as either general-purpose or specialized..

Long Essay On Supercomputer Essay In English

Supercomputers are the subject of this essay, which uses simple language to explain the technology.. Any student can benefit greatly from learning about this subject.. You can learn more about the subject by reading this essay..

1000 Words Essay – Supercomputer : A Class Of Extremely Powerful Computers

To begin with

There are a variety of computer types, including minicomputers, supercomputers, microcomputers, mainframe computers, and so forth… In computing, a supercomputer is a computer that possesses extraordinary capabilities.. The first exaFLOPS supercomputer was built by a team of scientists from China, the United States, and other countries.. Similarly, India has built its own supercomputer..

Computers that are so powerful that they are known as supercomputers

Supercomputers are, as their name implies, extremely powerful computers.. High-performance computing is the primary use case for these devices.. Scientific computing necessitates the use of supercomputers, a field that requires complex arithmetic operations..

I/O systems, memory, and processors make up supercomputers.. A central processing unit (CPU) in a supercomputer is interconnected with another central processing unit (CPU)..

The past

The term “supercomputer” was coined in the early 1960s.. The first two supercomputers were developed during this period.. UNIVAC built the LARC (Livermore Atomic Research Computer) for the US Navy Research Center as the first supercomputer.. The IBM 7030 Stretch is another supercomputer built by IBM.. To serve the Los Alamos National Laboratory, it was created specifically for this purpose..

Tom Kilburn led a team that created Atlas, the third supercomputer.. This supercomputer’s concept of time-sharing allows it to run multiple programs at once..

As early as 1964, when Seymour Cray introduced the CDC 6600, a germanium-to-silicon transition was made.. Overheating was also solved and it became the fastest supercomputer in the world..

Cray discovered Cray-1 after a few years in 1976, which was regarded as the most successful supercomputer.. During the 1980s, the Cray-2 was also created, a computer with eight processing units that ran at a high speed..

Computer Supercomputer Specifications

  • They have a large amount of storage space on board..
  • FLOPS (Floating Point Operations per second) is the unit of measurement for the speed of a supercomputer..
  • Linux is the most widely used operating system on supercomputers..
  • Traditional programming languages such as Fortran, C, and C++ are used in this application..
  • In general, supercomputers are plagued by overheating..
  • There are numerous central processing units (CPUs) in it..
  • It’s possible to run multiple programs at the same time..

Supercomputer Types

There are two broad categories of supercomputers.. They’re as follows:.

It is possible to categorize general-purpose supercomputers into three distinct types.. Computers that process vectors, clusters of closely connected machines, and commodity machines.

As its name suggests, a special-purpose supercomputer is built to accomplish a specific task.. Take, for instance, IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer’s victory over the legendary chess player of the period..

India’s first supercomputer

Supercomputers were sought after in the 1980s by the Indian government for a variety of purposes, including academic and weather forecasting.. As a result of this, the government of India has decided to encourage the development of supercomputers elsewhere.. A list of the world’s top 500 supercomputers is compiled based on the rankings of these machines.. Three of the top supercomputers on this list are located in India..

Globally, the PARAM Siddhi-AI supercomputer is ranked at 89th place.. It is India’s most powerful supercomputer.. Development of this technology is the responsibility of the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)..

The Pratyush supercomputer is currently ranked 107th in the world.. The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology owns this supercomputer..

It is ranked 187th on the list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.. the National Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting owns Mihir.. It has a high level of processing power…

Supercomputer vs. Typical PC

General-purpose machines, or normal computers, perform a wide range of arithmetic and logical operations.. Supercomputers, on the other hand, are intended for use in complex calculations.. Specialized PCs are used for this purpose..

Supercomputers have a much higher speed than personal computers or any other type of computer currently in use.. These machines can perform thousands or millions of operations in a short time..

There are two types of performance measurements for computers and supercomputers: MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) and FLOPS (Floating-Point Operations Per Second)..

Cost: Supercomputers are significantly more expensive than standard computers.. Most people today can afford a personal computer, but supercomputers are beyond their means..

National security, weather forecasting, and big data analysis are some of the most common applications for supercomputers.. Computers, on the other hand, are used in virtually every industry, from education to ticketing to banking and beyond..

A Supercomputer’s use

The purpose of supercomputers is to perform high-level calculations.. General computing, app hosting, or running a website cannot be done on them.. Supercomputers can be used in the following areas:.

Supercomputers are used extensively in the oil and gas exploration industry.. Using them, oil and gas companies can pinpoint the exact location of future oil and gas reserves.. Another project involves analyzing seismic data..

Supercomputers have revolutionized weather forecasting, and we now have accurate reports on the day’s weather and climate.. It’s difficult to make computer-based weather predictions.. HPC, or High-Power Computing, is needed as well.. Only supercomputers will be able to accomplish this..

In the field of artificial intelligence, there are numerous typical tasks to be completed.. To put it another way, we need supercomputers to get the high computing performance we need..

Supercomputer IBM Summit played a key role in tracking the spread of the Covid virus in 2019, the year’s fastest supercomputer..

Cryptography: A supercomputer is an excellent choice for encrypting any data or code.. The encryption and decryption of secret codes, known as cryptography, is another use for supercomputers.. It is a critical part of the cryptocurrency mining process..

Possibilities and Constraints

Here are some of the benefits of using a supercomputer:

Supercomputers are known for their lightning-fast performance.. This benefit is the primary reason for their widespread use.. When compared to normal computers, supercomputers are significantly faster..

Decrypt Password: Supercomputers can decrypt any kind of password.. In addition, it can also guess the system’s password.. Because of this, it is beneficial from a security standpoint..

High Processing Power: Supercomputers are designed to handle tasks that require a lot of computation.. Supercomputers are able to produce high-quality results because of this property..

Supercomputers have a number of drawbacks, including the following:

  • As a general rule, supercomputers are prohibitively expensive for the majority of people.. Most of them are large corporations..
  • More storage space is needed for supercomputers.. At least 1000 square feet is typically required.. This type of computer will be difficult to store because of its size..
  • As a result of their high computational power and speed, these devices require a lot of power.. In comparison to other types of computers, supercomputers use a lot more electricity..

The end result

Most developing countries, including India, are working hard to develop supercomputers with extremely high processing speeds.. Many lives have been saved as a result of their warnings about impending disasters, and they aid in weather forecasting, which provides solutions to the majority of issues.. In addition, they aid in the development of new resources and the protection of the public.. They’re critical to the growth of our country, so the system must devote extra attention to them

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