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Time and tide wait for none is a phrase that refers to the importance and value of time and tide in life as both never waits for anyone. Time is valuable more than money in life because without understanding the value of time and proper utilization of time in the right direction, we cannot earn money. Money and time, both are very different things because we can store money and use it accordingly however we cannot save, store or use time accordingly. It passes every moment and never stops for anyone. It brings opportunities to everyone however benefits those who work on the time.

Short and Long Essay on Time and Tide Wait for None

Essay 1 (250 words)

Time and tide wait for none is a proverb which indicates the value of time and tide and reveals their truth that both waits never for none. Time is free as one cannot buy or sell it. It is priceless and can only be used or pass by us. We cannot own it however can use it in the right direction. We cannot store it but can spend it.

Once we lost it can never get back. It always runs like a river in the forward direction which only gives forever and never takes back. As the direction of river flow cannot be changed, time also never returns back. We should use time properly by performing all the chores at the right time and never postpone. We should be very punctual and disciplined in life to get benefited from time.

One who lost time is called a loser and cannot achieve something big in life. We can earn a lot of money and store it for a whole life however we cannot store even a single minute of time for a second. We can earn more money by using time in a right manner however cannot get more time by using money.

We cannot compare time with any precious thing in the world because it is more valuable than them. We spend money with caution but why we waste our time. The reason belongs to this is, we earn money through hard works whereas time is free. The person who understands the importance of time goes ahead and gets success a day. And the one who misuses it never climbs the ladder of success.


Essay 2 (300 words)

Time values differently to the persons in different fields. It is very powerful and always wins. No one can defeat the time because it runs continuously without staying even for a single minute. No one can order it, store it or stop it. If we see back in history, we see many great personalities who had followed the mantra of ‘time and tide wait for none’ and achieved their goals in life.

People who want to do something big in their life know well the value of time and do their tasks in a timely manner at the right time. Time is a precious gift from God given to us to achieve something good in life. If we achieve something good with time in life, we are appreciated and remembered by the people for a long time and sometimes for ages.


According to the Hindu theory of creation, it is called as the manifestation of God and named as ‘Kalachakra’ means the cycle of time. We cannot see the time visibly, however, we can feel the ever running of time through the occurrence of day and night, seasonal changes in the year, etc. New buds bloom to be flowers and they die one day, and this process goes forever named as a life cycle. Every living being has its own life cycle which runs through time.

It is very true that time is invisible; however, it is also true that time is the most powerful. Time is a big ruler which rules each and everything in this world. Tide occurs in the sea which means the rising and falling of the sea. It is the process that occurs on its own in the sea. It cannot be started or stopped by any means. Both time and tide are examples that do not have consideration for anything. ‘Time and tide wait for none’ is a proverb that explains its meaning itself and true for all spheres of life.


Essay 3 (400 words)

Time is very precious for us. It brings opportunities to us however not always. It is the thing that never stays for anyone and moves continuously on its track. It comes only once in someone’s life and never stays even for a second. It is favorable for those who understand its value and use it properly however unfavorable for the idle people who waste it or use it improperly. Once it went never returns just like a tide which occurs in the sea. This popular proverb ‘time and tide wait for none’ itself proves its truth in all the spheres of life.

A person, who has missed his/her train and has to postpone all the schedule of that day, may better understand the value of time. He/she might not miss the train in future ever as he/she has learned how much he/she has lost due to the little mistake. Time matters a lot for them who are involved in hard work in any way and wanted to achieve their goal. It does not give chance to anyone to correct the mistakes of the past however one can correct the present and thus future too by avoiding the mistakes and valuing the time.

Scientists who make inventions and discover new technologies, students who have missed the chance of sitting in the final exams and person who has missed the flight, etc understand the importance of time very well. Time changes people’s luck into good luck or bad luck accordingly he/she uses the time. People who are idle always curse their fate for not getting the things they wish. Whereas, hard-working people do their works on time and believe in their own hard work. In order to get success in any field and achieve goals that we have decided, we should never waste time and must perform all the work at the appropriate time.

We should involve ourselves in hard work with the patience to wait for the proper and favorable time. Success will come surely when we have made the best use of time. Time values a lot differently to the people working in different areas such as farmers have to sow crop seeds timely in a proper season otherwise they will miss the chance for the whole season. Sportspersons get fixed time to defeat the competitor and win the game by scoring more goals against the opponent team. Thus, time is very precious in every area for every work. We should use it and never waste it!

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