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Trains are one of the best transport options for commuting long distances. Low fare, punctuality of time, and ease of travel make the journey by train, both economical and comfortable. Besides, there are several other advantages to traveling by train. You can relax, stretch, move around or even take a nap; something which could hardly be imagined while traveling in a car or bus.

Long and Short Essay on Train Journey

Essay 1 (250 words)


Train journeys are always fun. They have always excited me. I have been traveling via trains ever since my childhood. My maternal grandparents lived in Kanpur and we stayed in Delhi. We always traveled via night train to reach Kanpur. We visited them twice a year and I really looked forward to this trip not only because I loved meeting my grandparents but also because I really loved the train journey. My sister loved it as much and together we had a lot of fun.

My Most Memorable Train Journey

We mostly went there with our mother during our summer and winter vacations. However, once my aunt and cousins also accompanied us. This was one of the best train journeys of my life. We took to the top berth after having the delicious biryani our mother had cooked for us.

We had already planned that we will stay awake until late at night to enjoy the journey in each other’s company. We began the fun by playing cards. As we finished a game or two, two boys sitting in the middle berth asked us if they could join us. Playing cards is always fun when there is a greater number of players involved. So, we agreed. Our game became all the more exciting and we kept playing for about two-three hours. Since our compartment was occupied only by us and those two brothers and their parents, there was no fuss about turning off the lights.

After playing cards, we began a game of dumb charades. It was all the more fun. Since we had been playing for almost four hours now, we felt hungry and it was snack time. We stealthily took out chips and biscuits from our bags. We chatted, cracked jokes and laughed heartily as we ate snacks. It was almost 2 at night when we decided to sleep.


This was indeed a great experience. I will remember this train journey all my life. I made memories to cherish forever.

Essay 2 (400 words)


It was the month of September and the autumn break was about to begin in a few weeks’ time. Our first term exams had just been over and we were free from the burden of studies at least for a few days. Our school plans excursion trips to various places during the autumn break. I always wanted to go on such a trip and have fun with my friends.

My First Train Journey with Friends

While my parents allowed me to go on local school excursions, they had always been a sceptic about sending me on out stationed trips. They thought I was too young and careless and thus feared to send me. I tried to convince them each year I saw the notice about these school trips posted on the notice board but they refused. However, after a lot of persuading in class VII, my mother promised that she will send me when I reach class IX as I will grow older and become more mature by then.

So, last year I reminded her of her promise. Though reluctant, she agreed to send me on my school trip to Jaipur. She also convinced my father and he gave the written consent along with the amount that had to be deposited for the trip. My joy knew no bounds. Few of my close friends had also got consent from their parents and we were super thrilled about our trip. I was not only excited about visiting Jaipur but also about the train journey.

My Train Journey Experience

I was lucky to get the window seat. It was a day journey of around 5 hours and there was a lot to see outside the window. The sight of small sand hills, green fields, and long roads fascinated me and I glued to the window for the most part of the journey. For the rest of the journey, we played dumb charades and antakshari which was super fun. I just wished the journey never came to end. However, before we even realized, we reached the Jaipur station. As I roamed around from fort to fort in the Pink city, I dreamt of the train journey back to my home town as I thoroughly enjoyed train journeys. Our train journey back home was as much fun.


Train journeys have always fascinated me. I have gone on quite a few of them but this one was all the more special as I was accompanied by my friends. I am looking forward to more such train journeys.


Essay 3 (500 words)


Train journeys have always fascinated me. Be it a day journey or a night journey I, always prefer traveling by train. During my day journey by train, I love sitting by the window to watch the view outside. I just love the sight of the green fields, huge trees, huts and water bodies. I can sit for hours watching this view from the moving train. What I like about night journeys is that trains offer a lot of space and comfort. We can lie down comfortably and doze off to sleep. Sleeping in a moving train is an experience of its own and I just love it.

My Train Journey from Shimla to Kalka

While all my train journeys have been memorable there is one that I will cherish forever. This was my train journey from Shimla to Kalka. This train journey was like no other.

We had heard a lot about the Shimla – Kalka train journey and really wanted to experience it. It is said that the train comes under the world heritage list of UNESCO. However, since our plan was made all of a sudden, we could not get the tickets for traveling from Kalka to Shimla which was disappointing.

At first, we thought of canceling or postponing the trip however then we decided to take a bus to Shimla. The tickets from Shimla to Kalka were available so we booked our return journey by the much talked about toy train that runs on this route. While I was all excited about my trip to Shimla and enjoyed every bit of it with my family, I was constantly dreaming about our journey back home as I couldn’t wait for the toy train experience.

My Awesome Train Journey Experience

We reached the station a few minutes before the train departure time. I was thrilled looking at the train and couldn’t wait to board it. We soon kept our luggage on the train and sat on our seats. I grabbed the window seat to witness the scenic view outside. As the train started, I saw the mesmerizing view of the hills covered with pine trees. There was greenery all around. It had rained a night before and thus the flora looked even greener and fresh. It was a breathtaking sight.

The toy train covers a distance of 96 km and there was not a single moment when we got bored during this journey. There was so much to view and experience. The train travels at a slow speed and takes around 5-6 hours to reach Kalka so that we can experience the natural surroundings to the fullest. It goes through 102 tunnels and this makes the journey all the more amazing. It also passes over as many as 864 bridges and offers an experience that is one-of-its-kind. While I sat by the window for the most part of my journey, I also went and stood by the train door for around an hour or so to have a closer look at nature.


Every bit of my train journey from Shimla to Kalka was enjoyable. The experience was simply unmatched. Every train journey lover must experience this at least once in their lifetime. Nature lovers would love it all the more.


Essay 4 (600 words)


Train journeys are preferred by many owing to the various benefits they offer. However, some people much rather prefer traveling on their own vehicles or buses to avoid the downside of train journeys. At times, it becomes quite difficult to decide the mode of transport as all these have their own set of pros and cons. Here is a look at the various advantages and disadvantages of the train journey:

Advantages of Train Journey

Here are the various advantages of the train journey:

  1. Space and Comfort

The train is one of the best means of transports if we look in terms of space and comfort. There is enough space to sit and even lie down, a privilege we don’t get on the buses, cars or planes. Kids can easily play board games. Group outings become all the more fun as we can enjoy various games and activities sitting face to face.

  1. Long Journeys Made Easy

Since trains offer berths to sleep and washrooms to freshen up, traveling long-distance via trains becomes quite easy. The washroom facility is especially one of the main benefits train journeys offer over bus and car journeys.

  1. No Restriction on the Amount of Luggage

There is a limit to the amount of luggage one can carry in the airplane. Buses also do not have enough space to accommodate a lot of luggage. However, there is no such restriction during train journeys. If you require carrying a good amount of luggage then train journeys are certainly the best.

  1. Safe Option

The train is also considered a safer means to travel compared to buses, cars, and airplanes. Traveling in the hills is especially safer via trains compared to buses and cars.

  1. Allows Productive Use of Time

You can easily take out your laptop and work on it while you are traveling via train. You can also read your book comfortably or indulge in other tasks such as knitting and sewing while traveling through the train.

Disadvantages of Train Journey

Here are some disadvantages of the train journey:

  1. Planning Ahead

One of the main difficulties of traveling via train is that you have to plan your journey months or weeks before your travel date. It is difficult to get train tickets for trips that are planned instantly.

  1. Difficulty in Reservation

Train reservation is a difficult task. You have to visit the railway station and stand in the queue for hours to get the tickets reserved which is extremely tiring. You can also get the ticket reserved online but that is again a tedious task as the train booking site is too slow.

  1. Fixed Schedule

Trains run on a fixed schedule. You may be required to catch trains at odd times and this can be difficult at times. Delay in reaching the railway station even by a few minutes means missing the train and it is difficult to spend time at the railway station if you reach early.

  1. Slower Option

Traveling a long distance by train means investing a day or two in the journey is unlike planes which can cover the same distance within a few hours. So it is not a good option for students or working professionals who cannot take so many leaves and spend so much time traveling.

  1. Cleanliness Issue

While trains have washrooms which are considered to be a big plus of the train journeys these are mostly not maintained well. Un-kept and unclean washrooms are a big put off. Their use must be avoided as it can cause infection.


Thus, we see train journeys have a number of advantages however they also have certain disadvantages. While space, comfort and the facility to carry enough luggage attracts travelers to option for train journeys, the difficulty of reservation and the need to plan the journey way ahead of the travel date makes them look for other options.

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