Preface :
Trees are considered best friends of human | As a right of every person there are friends so this life many trees to consider your friends | Human nature and their oldest Relations |
Why has every man gets a lot of things from nature | Tree man is the biggest base | The life of every human being without trees Incomplete |
Importance of trees
trees to give us fruit – flowers and food | The trees we all got wood and fuel | Tree green leaves so it works | Other types of leaves of trees are made of medicines | The tree consists of a wide variety |
We introduce pure air from trees | Trees are very beautiful and brought them to the environment | The trees come very handy for birds | Birds are making their nest on trees | All the trees give shade to each one of sun in summer and keeps Bchake heat |

Destruction of trees
man cutting trees for your interest | Trees gives us oxygen and to absorb Carbnday oxide | The balance of the environment due to tree felling is Bigd |
Due to heavy harvesting trees is becoming low level of ozone air | This causes increasing temperature of the earth |
Trees are very helpful to rain | And is of great help to prevent flooding | Trees we give a lot but ask nothing from humans | Man is very cut by harvesting the trees | Due to harvesting of trees have been destroyed entire forests |
All should understand the importance of trees and it is so great to us | Tree With many older friends who come to work all | Everyone must protect the trees | All people must put more trees and more |

Government to save the tree is taken a lot of steps | One festival in the country, the program is held | And Ecclesiastes people are told about the tree | Tree man has become a true friend |

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